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Alpha Elite Squad
Abbreviation: A.E.S
Group Numbers: 7-rising
Leadership: Ghost alpha
Goals: To clear any threats and help survivors and provide additional support to the milita groups
Recruitment Policy: contact on radio
Contact: Direct contact on radio(28.88)

Welcome to A.E.S. We fight against the zombie threat in malton, assiting in any way possible to important miltia groups. few in numbers, if you wish to join contact Ghost alpha on the radio 28.88 direct stating of who you are and why you wish to join. in order to join this must be done. HQ is established in Kempesterbank

Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.

Recruitment Policy

You MUST HAVE THESE REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN. Basic firearms training, Pistol training + ADV, Shotgun training + ADV, Construction, Freerunning, Radio operation

If you have met these requirements and wish to join please contact me on the radio 28.88 and will get back to you.

If You Are New Post Your Profile Link Here

People That Have Joined:


Operations that are currently in hand are as follows:

  • DEAD LEAVES: Regroup with ghost and await for orders
  • CONTESTED LAND: Defend HQ from both, Undead and Survivor threats.


  • RE-ROUTE: all known AES members are to relocate at kempesterbank, the building name PENNI DRIVE FIRE STATION ASAP
  • SPECIAL DELIVERY: Crush any zombie resistance in the town of tapton


  • IRON WALL All Known AES members are to defend HQ and Haag PD at all costs.
  • LOST SOUL:To clear Tapton of zombies and revive the downed/missing solider.
  • ADVANCE TO THE REAR: All AES members are to report to Pole Mall (West Grayside, South of Kempesterbank) ASAP.
  • FINAL ADVANCE: Return to HQ and prepare to drive all zombie resistance away from Tapton.
  • REGROUP: All know AES units are to report back to HQ A.S.A.P.
  • GUARDIAN: Maintain HQ and all surrounding buildings, Eliminate any and all Zombie threats.
  • SOUL SEARCHING: Revive all AES members.

The Battle At Hand

 HQ is secured, All units return and continue with operation Soul Searching.

EvanRoss is on his way back to HQ, People are reporting seeing him in the area of Havercroft heading in the Direction of Tapton. ETA is January 5th. Long Live Alpha Elite Squad!

For New Members

All new members are to be cautious when fighting the enemy. This a guide for new soliders.

More than Scientists or Civilians, your class choice determines the initial effectiveness of your character. There are several available starting skills, but two of them really aren't as effective. Military characters starting as Privates usually fare best. Other classtypes represent different potential playing styles, but each has significant problems leveling. The Medic's problems are similar to the Doctor's: First Aid actually decreases your ability to gain experience. Scouts don't have that problem, but they start without an effective weapon or skills to use them. Scouts spend most of their early days hiding in buildings and hoping they can find some decent equipment before something kills them. The experience gain for either Scouts or Medics is torturously slow before second level, when they can acquire a more useful skill..

Privates start with eighteen pistol rounds and enough training to hit with 30% accuracy. Each round that connects does five base damage, which translates to five experience. That's significantly better than most classes, and it only goes up from there. Your starting character possesses the ability to reach 1/4th of the way to second level, and still have half your actions remaining. That's the strength of firearms: They do a lot of damage over relatively few actions. A useful starting strategy for Privates is to hit the streets, fire off a dozen shots at the nearest zombie, and then head away fast. If you have partners, let them lay down their own fire as you head back. Significant damage acts as a cover, grounding the zombies while you run. If zombies are killed even their "Scent Trail" ability won't allow them to find you. Then find a police station and resupply. You should have plenty of turns remaining to at least reach safety.

If you're a Medic or a Scout, find a hospital. Search up as many First Aid Kits as you can find, and hide out in a nondescript building. Use your next day's turns to find wounded and heal them. Combat merely wastes time when you lack the skills to increase your hit percentages. It's far better to take the guaranteed five experience using first aid kits than it is to blow away turns trying to land a punch for measely experience. Save any munitions until you've learned how to use them.

Soldiers aren't invulnerable. This is lesson one: You can always die. Even though Privates should find a Police Station early on, no one should stay in a Police Department overnight, unless there's a massive force of coordinated survivors there. Police buildings attract zombies like bees to honey. Sitting in the building for long periods of time is like coating yourself in brains and dancing a jig in the cemetery. Buildings aren't worth fighting for! There are plenty of other police stations and hospitals in Malton. Retreat from large zombie forces whenever possible, especially when you're low-level. Hide in low-priority buildings, such as warehouses, factories, clubs and schools. Visit Police Departments or Hospitals when necessary, then head for safer havens. If you're found, run a dozen blocks away and lay some covering fire. Most of the zombies won't chase you down if you are far or threatening.

You are outnumbered, and zombies have the combat skills to defeat you in the long term. All survivors are running a guerrilla campaign: Don't take zombies on head-to-head, but harry them and work at building your own strengths. When you do take them on, do it on your own terms. Make them work to find and fight you. Be well armed and stocked before you engage. It doesn't sound like this is what the military of a first-world nation should be reduced to, but when you're dealing with the walking dead you do what you must. Survivors don't have tanks, so make yourself last. Becoming another zombie won't help anyone.

Avoid the Military Forts. They may seem attractive, stocked with all the ammo and weaponry you might want. They're deathtraps. It would be simpler just leaping out a window than trying to hold a fort. This goes for everyone.

These survival notes go double for Medics and Scouts. Find zombie infestations, heal nearby survivors, then get the hell out of Dodge. Your feet are your friends, especially for Scouts who can travel between buildings without ever exposing themselves to the streets. Hit, Run, Survive. If you stay to fight, especially when lacking experience, you're just feeding the ranks of the dead.

Special note for Scouts: Flares do not attract help. They attract zombies. If you're surrounded, take your Flaregun and run about a few blocks away. Then shoot up a flare, and head in a random direction. The flare screams "human" to all the zombies in the area. They'll converge on that spot, while you are fleeing somewhere else.


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