Alpha Legion

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The Alpha Legion
Abbreviation: AL
Group Numbers: small
Leadership: Alpharius
Goals: unknown
Recruitment Policy: Contact us on our forums
Contact: [1]

Malton is a dying city, and you can all feel it. The zombies have failed, their numbers dwindling. The survivors too are failing, their will to live sapped, their apathy palpable. We live in a city where our whims are denied by the laws of those too weak to have survived this long, too weak to appreciate the grandeur of our vision. How long now has the pain of that denial been a knife twisting in your soul? How long has your hatred festered within you and demanded release? Be denied no longer. DO NOT go gently into this good night. There is much work to do.

The fires of conflict must be relit. And so much that is dead must be excised...

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