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Alpha Squad
Abbreviation: Alpha Squad
Group Numbers: 3 Primary
Leadership: Nick Kertesz, Robert "Sundown82" Evans, Mark "The Alchemist" Reich
Goals: Survival
Recruitment Policy: None
Contact: None


Alpha Squad was created in 2001 as a response to the inadequacies of informal, independent Zombie Contingency Plans (ZCPs) developed as reactionary responses to a hypothetical Class 1 or higher Outbreak Event.

Founding Officers

The founding members of Alpha Squad since its inception in 2001.

Mark "The Alchemist" Reich

Mark Reich is commonly identified as the "brains" of Alpha Squad. Coming from a rich academic background in psychology, Reich initially dismissed the development of a Alpha Squad as a frivolity, speculating that it would encompass none of the intricacies and philosophical nuances that would determine ultimate survival. He was convinced that in the case of a Class 3 or higher Outbreak Event, the ultimate determinant to survival would be group psychology, not detailed schematics.
When approached for membership, he set about it as a purely academic

exercise having no practical real-world application. It was not long until Reich entrenched himself as an indispensable member of Alpha Squad. In a short period of time, he revised all standing ZCPs adopted by the Squad to reflect a psychological perspective that had been sorely lacking. Using his unique insight into human behavior, Reich's analysis of both intra- and inter-Squad relations would become the bedrock of Alpha Squad's survival.

Nick "Hardcore" Kertesz

Nick Kertesz has a well-deserved international reputation as a Zombie survivalist, though not always a savory one. He has personal experience as a freelance "consultant" on three different continents, most famously offering his expertise in the recent Melbourne Riots. While his methods are controversial, the results he secures for his clients are not. However, when not providing critical insight for local authorities trying to deal with outbreaks, he is usually running afoul of them. After the Melbourne Riots, he is reported to have been requested to leave Australia by the federal authorities.
Given his wild card history, Kertesz seemed the least likely proponent for a formal Zombie Contingency Plan organisation. On the contrary, he approached the formation of Alpha Squad with the same zeal and determination that made him such a success in the field. After the Edmonton Conference, Nick was instrumental in laying the foundations for the core ZCPs that were adopted into the Alpha Squad Playbook. No other member was able to offer the insight into real world Zombie behaviour that Kertesz could.

Bob "Sundown" Evans

As at the core of every carnivorous, undead menace is a frozen black heart, so too does Alpha Squad have a heart of it´s own, and that heart has always been Bob Evans. Known as the scalpel that brings the squad together under any precarious cicumstance, Evans practices what he preaches, dutifully working in Experimental Medicine and Semi-Legal Orthopedics to smooth over any encounter the squad has with the murderous cadavers of Malton. Bob has always joked that the horrific rise of the undead in Malton was "Something of a career blessing for me", when it came to his own interests in Necrology and the terminal state of human beings, experiments not always carried out with the full support of his native cities.
Within the squad Bob Evans plays many important roles, not the least of which is maintaining an adequate heartbeat for it´s members. Gaining infamy fame after the Great Seige of Prosper Pharmacy, during which he succesfully kept fifteen survivors alive around using only a combination of Skittles candy and luke-warm hemeroidic cream, Evans has continued to refine and rearm his medical procedures, always at the Cutting Edge of what is possible. Or acceptable.


Alexander "Xander" Stark

Long associated with the efforts and aims of Alpha Squad, Dr. Xander Stark has oft maintained his own independence in defiance of personal compromise. A life dedicated to scientific knowledge has culminated in a penultimate control over the essence of life, and yet has brought the young ambitious doctor face to face with the meaning of death itself. Although few details of the classified Nipon Expedition have ever been released, what is known has made the reputation of Dr. Stark in the global community, both as a rogue pioneer in the realm of reanimation, and a somewhat volatile, unstable genius. For while he is legally barred from serving in the armed forces, or ever again obtaining large qualities of recently slaughtered forest animals, his brilliance and disregard for authority, protocol, or common medical ethics has created for him an incredible future.

Matthew "Suitcase" Eaton

To face the ever-changing threat of the Undead Menace, Alpha Squad has had to evolve and grow, and there has never been a better symbol of that growth than Suitcase Eaton. Limber, Agile, and Courageous are not the words often used to define this illustrious campaigner against the undead, and yet his contributions to the work of Alpha Squad have never gone unnoticed. It was Suitcase, afterall, who during the Massacre at Saint Denji Hospital discovered the back exit that allowed both himself and his belongings to escape, when all others were devoured. And again, amidst the chaos of the Fall of Harrison Plaza, he was able to distract the zombie horde with not one but two unaware, and unfortunately delicious, children. In his current capacity Suitcase can be found combing the aisles of many fine local retailers, always able to stuff that one extra item in either his ever-useful suitcase, or his ever-present stomach.

Steven "The Judge" Kerkhoff

It is often been said in the judicial world of Malton that if Justice is blind, then Judge Kerkhoff is the man who cut out her eyes. After years of serving as a criminal court judge, Steven abruptly dismissed his robes for the hard vengeance of a beat cop; a career change so shocking the Malton Times quoted him as saying at the time: "Do I swear to tell the truth? I do, Kill 'em all." The somewhat black-and-white morality of the Judge has always provided him with great efficiency in the heat of combat, most recently during the chaotic Battle of Purity Orphanage, where after deducing that the mingled crowd of panicked nuns, orphans, and blood thirsty zombies were, "All guilty, really." he was able to promptly burn down the entire structure and remove all doubt. Lethal, swift, and only a borderline psychotic, Judge Kerkhoff has more than earned the respect of his squad-mates, as he once more wades into battle reminding his victims, "You have the right to remain dead."

Byron "Helmet" Kerkhoff

For years the operations of Alpha Squad have been noted as "Special", but only with the addition of Helmet Kerkhoff has the word taken on it's full meaning. From an early age Byron seemed destined for a great career in the military, progressing rapidly due to his quick thinking and physical prowess, his promising future becoming close at hand. However, that future was tragically cut short after a freak concussive explosive accident that left him somewhat...diminished in the areas of decision-making, complex speech, or wearing pants. His battle capabilities remain as finely honed as ever, as during the Raid on DumDum Heights, he attacked twelve members of the undead, only a few of which being mistaken for blinking lights or household appliances. Helmet has become a great asset to Alpha Squad in his short time, whether the situation necessitates smashing through barricades or opening cans with his teeth, and the team doctors are confident that with intensive surgery and careful rehabilitation he can expect a recovery of at least 1-2 percent of his ability to identify shapes.



Operation Twilight - Operatives are to commence activities at Caiger Mall. [UPDATE] Caiger Mall recently fallen, rendevous at neighbouring recon point.


Operation Solitude - Completed July 20th, 2008. Activities to revive the Huntley Heights suburb at the time resulted in great initial successes, including the creation and deployment of a strike base within the zed stronghold. Operatives reclaimed large areas and the immediate area including several resource buildings. Solitude reached it's zenith during the Harrow Towers firefight, during which several operatives fought desperately back-back for hours to reduce an attacking zed mob to a pile of twitching limbs, a moment that remains defining for Alpha Squad.

Operation Andromeda - Operation completed on May 22, 2008 to mixed results. Estimates of casualties stand at about 50%, although the figures are debatable when on-the-spot recruitment of new members is taken into consideration. While the survival rate was considerably lower than acceptable levels, Andromeda was successful in displaying the feasibility of dispersed skills management. Members of Alpha were able to establish a working a broadcast tower, a usable power source and situationally variable barricade levels. With these infrastructure elements intact, a workable field clinic was established, albeit for a short time. The failure of this operation is blamed mostly on improper intelligence gathering throughout the group, rather than the fault of a single member.

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