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In Urban Dead, players often play multiple characters. The term alt is used to refer to another character that is controlled by the same player.

Use of Alts

There are many legitimate reasons to play using alts. The first and foremost is the fact that you can enjoy three times as much time playing the game with the 160 IP hit limit. You could play more than three characters, but it wouldn't work well with the limit. Donating allows you to exempt one character from this limit however, and you can play more than three if you donate for each extra above the third.

Playing using multiple alts allows you to experience life on both sides of undeath, as well as try out different styles of play at the same time. It also allows a player to join different groups with different goals. For example, a person could have one alt join a Human group in the northwest of the city dedicated to healing people, have another alt somewhere else that is a PKer, and a third alt that roams with any number of the Zombie Hordes that roam the city sowing destruction and chaos as they go.


However, the use of alts does have its perils. Using multiple alts towards the same goal (such as getting revenge or ensuring the survival of a specific character) is known as zerging and is a form of cheating. Urban Dead has built-in anti-zerging counter-measures to counter this form of cheating, the triggering of which can result in characters being automatically penalised or even deleted/disabled.

As a general rule, if you have to ask if something would be considered alt abuse, its a good idea not to do it.

Playing it safe

Players are strongly encouraged to keep their alts at least one suburb apart at all times, to roleplay their alts as unrelated identities, and to ensure that their alts do not cooperate. It is also a good idea to keep 24 hours between one alt leaving an area, and having another enter it.

Because of the definition of zerging many players object strongly to human players moving one alt out of a conflict zone when they run out of supplies to bring in another fully loaded alt. This is often considered cheating and may cause players to react negatively towards the player.


If you have alts (and do not zerg), feel free to use this template:

Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.

Just add {{Zerg}}.

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