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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Amish Liberation Front
Abbreviation: ALF
Group Numbers: 10-15
Leadership: The Yellow Dart
Goals: spreading the Amish way of un-life
Recruitment Policy: No remorse to kill "innocents"
Contact: Forum

The Amish Liberation Front or ALF is a small group of armed and violent Amish survivors who are trying to create an Amish state in Malton and rid the world of all who refuse to convert to the Amish way of life. They started off with their well-publicised attack on Bale Mall and killed many before abandoning the venture and moving on. They have plied their trade in many suburbs since.

Recruitment Proposal

The game is rather boring for high level survivors and the zombies in most suburbs are frankly not much of a threat unless a major horde eventually rampages through, in which case there is little you can do. Thus ALF was formed as a way to make the game a great deal more challenging and interesting for our survivors, not to mention most of us enjoy being the 'bad guys'. Anyone can join really, though I would advise you have some basic skills which to kill or provide support for the group.

Our tactics/rules

Most anyone can be a target for ALF and so called innocents are regularly killed, however we tend to mainly target other groups as they can best fight back and provide a challenge. We have few rules, these being- Concentrate on high level survivors as they are the ones that matter the most and low level characters may become disinheartend , this doesn't apply if the low level attacks you or another ALF member. Do not zerg, only one character in the same suburb and never use multiple characters in order to further the groups’ aims. Lastly do not spy on other people’s private forums, it's a dirty ooc tactic and not one we wish to engage in. Public wiki pages and public forums (eg desensitized) do not come under this rule for obvious reasons.

The Amish are aware of the current Anti-Amish sentiment held by some groups such as The Malton Anti-Amish League. We never would have found out about this, but many thanks to our friends at The Amish & Plain People for tipping us off and helping to keep our Wiki updated. Please visit this FAQ page for many interesting answers to questions like How do the Amish have a webpage? or If the Amish do not believe in modern medicine, how do they use the MKII syringe?

Current Activities

When asked about current operations, our Amish informant just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Perhaps something is in the works?

Actions so Far

Bale Mall

ALF was formed and formerly declared war on Bale Mall believing it to be the source of all evil in Malton and wanting to turn it into the Amish homeland. Many survivors where killed in attacks on the mall and initial resistance was minimal. As ALF grew and became better known it acquired many enemies, well know Bounty Hunters, some members of the Jamoombahadeen and naturaly many survivors from Bale Mall. The now defunct anti-PK group RABH is believed to have been set up by Bale Mall Survivors in order to combat ALF and later went on to combat PKers in general. ALF later left the area. However after a tour of numerous other suburbs.

Back to Bale?

As of a very short time ago the Amish Liberation Front is rumored to back in the Bale Mall area to take the BME on for their sinning ways. It looks as though the mission was accomplished as the BME no longer have any noticeable presence in the area. From the bodies in the streets, it appears that ALF is winning a one-sided war against the ultrasupermega multi-character abusing group Skulls Skulls. What will ALF do next, time will tell.....


Members of ALF regrouped and briefly stayed in Quarlesbank at about the time generators where introduced. After an ultimatum ALF decided to attack two hospitals there due to their use of the evil electricity. ALF also encountered ClanBOB in the suburb and killed a number of their higher-level members for crimes of Bobishness. Little else happened before they moved on save for a minor organized attack believed to be lead by a rather obsessed old enemy and his friends, some ALF members where killed and their enemies where killed in turn.

Caiger Mall

ALF moved to Caiger Mall shortly after the major siege there in order to eliminate a number of people they believed to be anti-Amish and acting against the best interests of Malton, they where not however against the people of Caiger Mall as a whole. ALF targets included Old CoL members, the ACC, people on the ARSE list, Zergers and PKers. After the debacle involving ACC's leader Sgt Whisky Swiper ALF found a number of high ranking ACC members in a building and attacked them. This started a small conflict with the group they where leading known as the Soldiers Of Fortitude or SoF, a number of ALF and SoF members died in the conflict and a cease fire was later declared.

At the same time a vile PK group known as 'TS' attacked ALF in a cowardly surprise attack which left many ALF members dead. ALF regrouped and killed many of them whilst taking a few more casualties. TS seem to have left the area after a lengthy fight. ALF members carried on killing the enemies of Caiger Mall and Malton as a whole in an enthusiastic fashion until later deciding to move.

Calvert Mall

ZOMFG, people are Dying in and around Calvert Mall and not by the hands of the undead. Reports seem to indicate a buggy leaving the scene at a moderate pace with the yellow triangle Removed. Have the Amish spread out? Is there truth to the rumor of a Mall Tour of Death? Have the members of ClanBob been dying (murdered) at alarming rates. Hmmmmmmmm I guess we will have to see.

Giddings Mall

Word of anti-Amish protesters gathering in Giddings Mall reached the Amish Liberation Front in early July of 2006. At first this was thought to be no big deal but none the less, a small group of ALF members loaded up the buggy and made the long journey to Pitneybank. The anti-Amish sentiment proved to be true and a small war began resulting in several deaths. It is rumored that the Amish have since left the area.

Anti-Amish Terrorists

The following is a partial list of terrorists slain by ALF members around Malton. We realize that many more names should be on this list but quite frankly, it's a lot of work keeping track of so many kills.

Jesus of Nazareth, SprCobra - 4 times, Sam Vimes, F14p J4ck, Victor Hawthorne, Von Luthius, Greg Rich, NecroTechNerd, StrontiumDawg, Mr Hootington - 2 times, Grave robba, Astara - 5 times, Mequel, Frank Tower, Phalanix, My Buddy, Donny Osmond, Apothis, Shubeck, China Mieville, Sir Runalot, nandoom, C 3PO, Elzoido, Dirk Digggler, KEH, Jim Scarling, R2D2, Sir Reverend Paisley, Jehovah Superman, killerpixel, billyballlicker, Sam Putnam - 3 times, Bebe Everton, Cron2, Tony Browning, Ichabod Hakk, Abdul Scapula, Gilles de Rais, Roger Schmitt, Roman Moriarty, Mike Moonshine - 5 times, bluebear, Tinkle in the Toilet - 7 times, Axemandon, Rufina Rum - 5 times, Robert Thwaite, ScaryMunkey, Kaeldrin, 3000 Faces, ben fentrise, R Carter, YuriRuler90 - Alot, Slickevil, Dotts, F22, Abd Alhazred, Koenigstiger, Parasite X30, John Petrucci, Roy Greenhilt, Squiggie, Kevin Mitnick, Angus Prune, Michael Cassio, Looto, HGruber, Pinyata, Mexpoker, Footang, Diviluchi, Joethegeek, MickDansforth, Blatz, BRAINSGOOD, Andy Kaufman – a few, Coagulation, Radiationme, Brandon Danger, Token Black Man (sorry man), Gharbad, Diarmait, Viv Savage, SonjaW, Prugelem411, Adonis Bean, Van Raily, Flick D Bean-many many times, Zoid Bean, Flava Flav (yeaaaaaaaaah boy), Les Bean x2, Thes Bean-too many to count, Tres Bean, Black Angus Douglas, Spetznatz Bean, Musical Bean, Curry Bean, Screamer 12x, Switchkill, Diego Lopez, Reggie Boy, Ludzinc, Cadwell, Alex Apple, Thunder Wolf, Valaraukar, BH01, Wanbang, Genvissa, The Scarecrow – a few, Technerd – bunches, Corporal Herrick, Death Gigas,Michael Chips, Poltsy, Sista, Capt Jack Testes x5, Raddra x3, The Angry Scientist x3, Scaredwitless x2, dudley do rite, avanther, billy the kid x2, Roxxoredizorz x4, lawnmower, theGuru, Arnold31 more to come.

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