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Amusing Locations In Monroeville

The past history of Monroeville and it's varied place-names are only slowly coming to light as survivors discover scraps of information in ruined buildings. While there is some information about a "Monroeville" in Pennsylvania (USA), especially on some fictional, supposed, "Wikipaedia," which shares some similarity in suburb and mall names, all information on those sites is believed to be a disinformation campaign begun by the US government to hide the outbreak from the world. The true un-censored history begins here.

As with ALiM, ALiMv's bigger, brasher older brother:

Any amatuer historian with additional information is welcome to add to the truthiness of the knowledge on this site.

This list was created by User:Co fragment to supplement the fine work of the List of Amusing Locations in Malton. Due to the ambiguity surrounding the longevity of Monroeville this page will not be maintained to the level of the primary list.

There's a lot of red links currently, so anyone's welcome to chip in! It's juvenile, but fun!

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Cock Locations

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Sexual Acts

Sexual Acts Part 2

Bondage anyone?


Apparently there's only two pratts and one berk in Monroeville:

I'm not living there

Who would?

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