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Brought to you by 2 Cool and friends!


Sick of racist Americans expecting other internet users to adopt their crazy breed of English? We are. So we decided to win the battle by taking small steps. Now, for the first time on the intarwebz a wiki has not only a Sandbox for practice editing but also a Sandpit for users from Australia, Britain, Other English speaking countries and globalised Americans.

Yes, but why?

There's been a lot of talk about tolerance on the wiki lately but how can people ever really learn to live side by side when lovers of the sandpit are being forced to use these sandbox things they neither know of or understand.


The whole wiki community! However if you're interested in spreading the love please add your name to the list below - then, alongside the Sandbox you may have created in your userspace, you can create a Sandpit to share the global love.



No! You may think we are being just as bad as those Sandbox only wielding bigots but you are in fact wrong, as wrong as having only a sandbox you could say. The Sandpit Revolution encourages supporters thusly inclined to have not only a Sandpit, but a sandbox as well - helping to bridge the gap between users of different nationalities across this vast internet of ours.

However if you are a clutter concerned user, or perhaps are trying to reduce server load by removing unnecessary pages then you are still encouraged to free yourself from the shackles of a sandbox and create your own brand new Sandpit!


Of course!

Sandpit Template

Just add {{Template:Sandpit}} to your sandpit page! See the template here!

User Templates

All members of the Sandpit Revolution are encouraged to put these template on their userpage and let the SR flag fly high!

Sandpit.jpg Sandpit Revolution
This user is making a stand!

To add this to your userpage, simply add the code {{Template:SandpitRev}}.

Smiley.png It's Humour, OK?
This user supports the use of humour, even if other people spell it humor.

For this one, add {{Template:Humour}} to your userpage.