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The Arkham Sisters


The term was first used in the 1970's by youth from across Malton in reference to the suburbs of Old Arkham and New Arkham. While originally the area was simply referred to as "Arkham", the abundance of pubs and clubs across the two suburbs placed the area in the affections of all lovers of nightlife across our fair city.

Many a slightly inebriated youth would be overheard in a tavern in some far flung corner of Malton expressing his desire for a trip down to visit 'The Arkham Sisters'. Of course this desire stemmed not only from the abundance of drinking establishments in the area but also, due to the outskirt nature of Arkham the cheap price of liquor as well as something of a burgeoning red light district centering on what is now Cockburn Plaza Railway Station.

With the socio-economic boom of the 1980's resulting in gentrification and urban renewal across Malton the appeal of 'The Arkham Sisters' subsided and the area become yet another out of the way suburban enclave.

Recent Usage

Following the outbreak Arkham gained a reputation for zombie domination and a lack of a survivor population, however in order to bolster Arkham back to the position it once held in the hearts and minds of Maltonians the local self elected tourism bureau set about rectifying the situation. At the heart of this campaign was of course embracement of the term 'The Arkham Sisters' to refer to the area as well as spreading the 2 Cool word.

Other Colloquialisms

Other colloquialisms have developed to refer to the twin suburbs including:

  • Arkansas (coined in 2006 by Suicidalangel)
  • The Arkhams
  • Noah's Ark (coined by J3D)
  • Noah's Ark-ham
  • Hamsters (from the last three letters of arkham and the last four letters of sisters: arkham sisters)
  • Arkham (used regularly since the establishment of New Arkham in the 1970's)
  • Fark 'em