Andow Towers

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Andow Towers
Repaired but no barricades
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Andow Towers

Dulston [91,1]

Club Mold wasteland a factory
Howell Library Andow Towers Lovel Way
Purt Avenue the Bridgman Building Muncey Street

Basic Info:

  • Multi-story housing blocks. Windows can be jumped from to turn a character into a zombie.
  • Towers have no internal descriptions. Some towers, like Lerwill Towers in Greentown, have mobile phone masts mounted on them.


Andow Towers is a high-rise tower located in the suburb of Dulston. First and foremost it should be noted that Andow Towers is in no way connected with the organization known as A.N.D.O.W. (or, "Americans for the Nuclear Destruction Of Whales"). Of course for more information on this group feel free to check this misguided (read: funny) report.

Andow Towers, the tallest building in Dulston.

Andow Towers is a 58-story building that contains offices and the Malton Grand Hotel. As of 2004, it is the tallest building in Dulston, the fifteenth tallest in Malton by roof height and the twenty-second tallest by pinnacle height. Along with Waddington Towers, these buildings serve as symbols of the now familiar Dulston skyline. Of note, in early 2004 construction was started for a new building in the empty lot located to the north. Building plans indicated that the new Brockridge Towers would surpass the height of Andow Towers when it was completed in 2006, but construction on the site was halted by the "Malton Incident". So for the foreseeable future Andow Towers would continue to hold onto its title as the tallest building in Dulston.

The building's anchor tenant is the four-star, 384-room Malton Grand Hotel which occupies floors 12 to 36. It is one of the highest hotels in Malton in terms of distance from the ground. The Malton Grand's famous barrel-vaulted atrium starts at the 18th floor and extends upwards to the 36th. Lined with 15 annular corridors and staircases arrayed in a spiral, it is 27 meters in diameter with a clear height of approximately 90 meters. The hotel floors also feature:

Inside the Malton Grand Hotel's vaulted attrium, as viewed looking down from an upper floor.
  • 12/F: The Piano Bar, a jazz club.
  • 13/F: The hotel lobby and Grand Café.
  • 14/F: Canton, a high-end Cantonese restaurant that takes up the entire floor.
  • 15/F: A collection of seafood restaurants including the popular "Rainbow Fish", the Italian "Pesci Dell'Arcobaleno", the German "Regenbogen-Fische", and the French "Poissons D'Arc-en-ciel", each known for their original cooking style and located inside the atrium base.
  • 16/F: Club Oasis, a fitness club.
  • 29/F: Halfway's, a gourmet coffee shop.
  • 35/F: Ding Tai Fung, a Shanghainese restaurant specializing in dim-sum.
  • 36/F: Cloud 71/4, one of Malton's highest bars, with a split-level mezzanine called the Skyline Lounge.


Survivors seeking refuge in this high-rise building may seek assistance and protection from nearby buildings, such as:

Barricade Policy

Barricades should be kept at Extremely Heavily at all times. The true purpose of this building is to serve as a heavily fortified shelter for Malton's veteran survivors. This ruling was set forth by the Dulston Optimal Defense Diagram and is enforced by all member groups of the Dulston Alliance.

Current Events

December 9th, 2008 - Officer Murphy of Dead vs Blue reported that he had repaired the damage done to Andow Towers. As such the building was no longer ruined, but neither was it barricaded. Of course Officer Murphy had no plans to stay there long, as he had a more important mission to complete a bit farther to the northeast.

December 1st, 2008 - It took more than 2 years, but someone finally decided to report on the status of Andow Towers. The D.I.T.P.S reported that the building was Heavily barricaded, which in light of the attack by the Militant Order of Barhah which devastated the suburb, this is good news for survivors as the rest of the suburb is still reeling from the zombie invasion that left almost every building overrun and ruined.

August 26th, 2006 - Zombies broke into Andow Towers and attacked survivors sheltering inside. A survivor associated with the relatively unknown group called the Caballeros reported that, while exhausted, he did what he could to restore the barricades and keep any other zombies from getting inside to feed on the sleeping survivors. After that he had little choice but to flee the building.