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Angry Primate Extravaganza are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 07:34, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Angry Primate Extravaganza
Abbreviation: APE
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: unknown
Goals: unknown
Recruitment Policy:
Contact: APE Forum

We're a long standing conglomerate of hardcore gibbons who like shooting stuff, blowing things up and, errr, the occasional spot of mining.

Join us on IRC, #apegaming

All members should adhere to the APE Urban Dead naming convention or we'll shake our trees at you!


Visit for all the latest!

Member list

Start a new character, browse for the latin of your favorite primate and post your details here

- Ateles Belzebuth -

- Ateles paniscus -

- Simia Pygmaeus -

- Rosmarinus Caligo -

- Beringei Graueri -


List names of violators of the holy ground and RESCUE policies here with the date of the offence, the level they were at the time of the offence and where it happened

2007-05-08 - Randomzero2 - level 41 - - holy ground violation - Rolt Heights - [A Cemetary] - 81,18

To claim a bounty, add your name after the culprits entry stating the time and place of your justice!

APE Template

Apegaming.JPG APE
This user is a proud member of: Angry Primate Extravaganza


Simply replace 'whoever' below with your character name and chuck the following on whatever page you wish to display your loyalty to APE!

{{Angry Primate Extravaganza|User=Whoever}}
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