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Zombie Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a zombie strategy.

I am going to detail my Annoy the Harmanz policy. Perhaps other would like to follow it.

I started playing UD with intent of having 1 human and 1 zombie character. Since my human character went down the firearms path, I soon added a another human character to play with FAK's and syringes. In the interest of full disclosure the alts are shooty mcshooty, meatier shower, and choppy mcfireaxe. They are currently in Yagoton, Tollyton, and Nixbank respectively.

After a while, I really did not like playing the human characters. It was too much like work, what with all the building, searching, and healing. Playing a zombie was fun! Bash, kill, eat brains, etc.

That is when I realized that 'human' and 'zombie' were just labels. I could do the fun stuff regardless of my human or zombie status. So here is what I do.

As a Zombie

  • I try to get inside a phone mast, NT, or mall.
  • Once inside, I go for the generator and the radios to reduce search rates and communications.
  • If I have an AP left, I bite to infect as many humans as possible. The forces the humans to use AP to heal. And find FAK's. Also known as Pac-man.
  • Assuming I am overwhelmed and will likely die in the building, I either go back outside to try and join a mob. Maybe I won't be headshot and it does reduces the XP humans get for killing me.
  • If I am not overwhelmed, I stay in the building and try to keep it ruined as long as possible.
  • If I happen to be outside banging on an NT door, I try to end the day at an RP. Someone is likely to revive me. This wastes their AP doing the revive and allows me to parachute into an NT and use the 'human' side of my strategy.

As a Human

  • If infected, I do not heal myself.
  • I try to to get inside a phone mast, NT, or mall, except now I can get in at the VSB entry points.
  • Once inside, I go for the generator and the radios to reduce search rates and communications.
  • If I am infected and die inside, I immediately stand up and follow the Zombie strategy.
  • If I am not infected, I go hide nearby. Perhaps I will be able to repeat this.

The best part is that I could care less if anyone kills me or not. The worst thing is you are out 6AP. Ah, the freedom of being undead. Or not caring if you become undead.

You definitely need a knife to pull this off best, though an axe will do. Obviously a lot of human and zombie skills are needed to (Except Brain Rot. Don't get that !)

I have also been toying with the idea of looking for some spraycans to mess with the human's tagging.

Be sure to read up on Selective Targeting too.

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