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No pictures of any members or logos have been uncovered yet.
Abbreviation: Never seen in use
Group Numbers: Unknown.
Leadership: Unknown, although Lucien Soulban seem to work as a front figure.
Goals: Apparently survival.
Recruitment Policy: The group seem to be rather suspicious to newcomers, if newcomers ever even find them.
Contact: Look for people belonging to this group, and ask them.

Known Information

As a secretive and relatively small group (as far as the outside can tell) the Antediluvians are not very well mapped. However, some information exists, often provided by the masters of secrecy themself, by unknown reasons.

Upcoming and Creation

According to records and witnesses, the group seems to have been operating, in deep secrecy, since near the beginning of the outbreak, under many names. The current name of the group however, the Antediluvians, seems to be a new direction of labor. It may significate some kind of chance in the groups schemes, something that can be observed in the recent surge of activity from the cell lead by Lucien Soulban.


The Antediluvians seem to have no other goal than their own survival and informationgathering. Attempts to extract other goals from members or presumed members have proved utterly hopeless.


Although secretive and, by some accounts, creepy, the Antediluvians seem to have no intentions on harming any other survivor, and seem to attack zombies only when it can be done without much fuss, or when their survival depends on it. All around, they seem to be friendly and will make alliances if needed or wanted.


No information has been uncovered regarding the groups strenghts, speed or anything of the sort. No barricaded buildings have been reported razed by the group, although a rather large gathering of Antediluvians have been observed in the Redpath Alley School, which they seem to keep as a haven for art. Stealth seem to be the preferred type of movement, and the Antediluvians dont seem to ever attack any larger groups of zombies. Caution should be exercised if uncertain though.

  • note: As reported under Later Developments, the Antediluvians have abbandoned the Redpath Alley School recently, in the aftermath of an attack. Information about their wereabouts is sparse, at best*

Latest Developments

27 Feb

Reports about the demolished school has surfaced yet once again, and the Antediluvians were not seen in the vicinity for a long time afterwards. Intel suggest that they are regrouping for a retake, however - they seem hellbent on keeping the Redpath Alley School intact. Sporadic but bloody attacks on the unfortunate zombies outside the school indicate that hate is brooding among the mysterious members.

31 Jan

Lucien has been observed in the Malton City Zoo, proclaiming his return and the return of the safehouse for art and survivors alike; the Redpath Alley School. He urges all Antediluvians to gather once again. At the same time, he learns of the Donkey Rapists betrayal, and resondly banishes him from membership, and declares him pariah: to be killed by anyone.

03 June

Although the Antediluvians continue to operate elsewhere, a new branch seems to have surfaced in Dartside, lead by a young but aspiring woman named Naomi Hsieh. She calls her branch the Methuselah Branch. It seems less secretive than Lucien Soulban's branch (as it is currently publicly seeking new members), but Naomi's branch is still shrouded in mystery.

She has designated no safehouse as of yet.

18 May

Several survivors, among them persons from both the Zookeepers and the Wraiths have reported that the Antediluvians seem to be abandoning their base from Brooke Hills altogether, as they were caught surprised by the attack on the 14 of May. They seem to be willing to retain their alliances with aforementioned groups, however. Their current location is unknown.

13 May

A horde of zombies broke down Redpath Alley School's barricade and swarmed inside, killing many Antediluvians.

10 May

People have reported that the Chafie Bank, just one step left from the Redpath Alley School in Brooke Hills, seem to be under Antediluvian control as well. The building seems to be used as a secondary art-storage. An Alliance with The Wraith's have been reported as well.

14 Mar

The Redpath Alley School is now officially The Antediluvian School of Liberal Arts, and is of course kept by The Antediluvians. They seem to support culture, especially poetry.

26 Feb

The Antediluvians seem to, in cooperation with the The Malton Zookeepers, have taken responsibility over Redpath Alley School [41, 28], just north of the St. Pius' Church. They are, as specified by the Brooke Hills Barricading Plan, trying to keep it VSB to make it available for inexperienced survivors. Main "to talk to" person is Lucien Soulban, who can be found in the vicinity.

18 Jan

Several people have reported being revivificated by this Lucien, and he seems to be quite open about his identity. Suspicion has arised about whether he actually belongs to the Antediluvians, although his faultless silence on the matter certainly speaks for his membership. He can be often be found around the revive point of St Pius's Church [41, 29], helping the Zookeepers maintain it.

7 Jan

The Antediluvians (or at least someone bearing their name) seem to have contacted and made allies with The Malton Zookeepers. In the form of a Lucien Soulban, non hostile contact was evidently made, and Lucien can be spotted in the Zoo from time to time. No deeper information about the Antediluvians was revealed, however, and Lucien remains quiet as the grave about anything regarding his group.

6 Jan

Several people have been reporting that they have talked to people who called themselves Antediluvians in different parts of Malton, once in Yagoton and more recently in Rhodenbank.

21 Dec

One anonymous survivor claims to have been revivificated by a person who called himself an Antediluvian. He wouldn't go into any details though, seemingly scared to spill any information.

Known Members

Although no one knows really how many the Antediluvians are, some have been seen to claim membership in this group. These are;

Lucien Soulban (Seen around and in St. Pius's Church and Redpath Alley School in Brooke Hills. People claim to have witnessed strange behavior from the man, but reports that he seems rather harmless, except for zombies. Officer Quinn can be seen by his side most of the time. Recently resurfaced as keeper of the Redpath Alley School after a very long absence.)

Gordon Springwater (Seen around and in the Malton City Zoo in Brooke Hills)

K33N (Seen around and in the Malton City Zoo in Brooke Hills)

Officer Quinn (Seen axing zombies around the Malton City Zoo in Brooke Hills. Also apparently some kind of bodyguard or near friend of Lucien's.)

Donkey Rapist (Recently banned for PKing; the Antediluvians have declared him pariah, to be killed by all who wish so.)

Markus Dawn (Seen with shopping cart around the Malton City Zoo in Brooke Hills)

L'via (Seen with a flowery dress and bare feet around the Malton City Zoo in Brooke Hills)

All of them have frequently been seen in the Redpath Alley School and the areas around it.

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