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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

The Anti-Consumerism Policy is a proposed policy, designed to reduce zombie activity around malls.

Call to Action

Malls tend to be some of the most heavily contested locations in Malton, and why wouldn't they be?

For survivors, malls tend to have almost everything they need.

For zombies, assuming survivors are inside, the same applies.

So why not give the zombies one less reason to break in. Why don't we just grab what we need, and get out. Without survivors inside to make it worth the effort, all but the most organized zombie groups will just shamble off, to scratch on the next quick meal.

The Basics

The plan itself is fairly simple, and not far off from River Tactics. Basically, survivors shouldn't be sleeping in malls. They are some of the most frequently assaulted TRPs in "Malton. Instead, they should grab any supplies they need, and sleep in a safer building nearby.

By not sleeping in the mall, this reduces your risks of being eaten during a surprise break-in. If enough people stopped sleeping in malls, many rogue zombies, mainly interested in a large meal, will shamble off to a more rewarding building. Only the zombie groups obsessed with denying the mall to survivors would remain.

In the event the mall is taken, hit and run attacks designed to annoy the zombies may help make the zombies leave sooner. Otherwise, classic river tactics may be the better option, if access to the building can wait.

Successful Uses

The tactics described here haven't been tested yet. If you have any success with these tactics, post below with the name of the mall and a signature, and delete this note.

The Templates

Add one of these to your page, so malls, rather than being an all you can eat buffet, can become a huge waste of zed time and ap.

Anti-Consumerism User
This person thinks people should get what they need, and gets out before the zeds show up
{{Anti-Consumerism Group}}
Anti-Consumerism Group
This group gets what they need, and gets out before the zeds show up

--Jerran1 (talk) 18:07, 23 May 2015 (UTC)

Also, feel free to design your own templates, and propose them on the talk page.