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Abbreviation: ANTIFA
Group Numbers: Most of Malton
Leadership: Nobody
Goals: Curbstomp fascists
Recruitment Policy: Everyone
Contact: Talk:Antifa

This page is a free space for anyone holding rage against fascism - let it out and start a riot in here.

Lets make a list of all the people spewing white pride venom before fucking them over.

How To Start A Riot

  • Don't Be Retarded.
  • Find Some Nazi Prick.
  • Troll The Fuck Out Of Them.
  • Laugh, alot.
  • Let Everyone Else Know Who They Are.
  • Let Others Troll Them.
  • Laugh Some More.

Group History:

No History Is Needed. We Can Make One.

So, Fuck History. Fuck The Wiki. Fuck Us. Fuck You. But most of all, Fuck Fascism.


This is where you put in the retarded scum you find on the wiki and in Malton. Users should be listed with name and profile, proof of actual scum behavior is preferred. Share the fun - Everyone is welcome to harass, grief and no platform any fascist found here.

Fascist Scum - All pricks are listed below:

FalseFlags - If you are falsely accused make a statement talk:antifa

Nationalism masthead2.jpg Nationalism Must Die
This User or Group despises nationalists, and vehemently opposes nationalism.

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