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The Arcadiac Socialist Survivalist Party (ASSP) is a survivor group whose goal is to unite all of Malton's survivors under one flag, and to defeat the zombie menace from the streets of Malton.

Arcadiac Socialist Survivalist Party
Abbreviation: ASSP
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Commander: Shaum Von S

Leader of Reconstruction: H. Katrina

Leader of Military: Iraq

Leader of Health: Cancer

Leader of Information: Carrier Pigeon

Goals: To Unite all of Malton's Survivors Under One Flag.
Recruitment Policy: Yes - Found Below


The ASSP was founded by Shaum Von S on May 28, 2008. Shaum Von was a NecroTech Scientist who relized that the only way that Malton and humanity could survive a zombified world was to unite under one flag, that of the ASSP.


The ASSP is always looking for members to join the party. If someone would like to join he/she must meet these three requirements:

1.Must be registered on the www.arcadefeel.comforums.

2.Must be a survivor character.

3.Must be willing to follow any orders givin by his/her commanding officer.

If anyone would like to join the ASSP and meets these requirements then just email us at saying you would like to join so that an associate can contact you.


The ASSP is structured like that of a military.

The Commander is the leader of the ASSP and its affiliates.

The Council of Leaders are certain leaders that deal with overall structure of the party. There is one leader for reconstruction efforts, Military, Health, and Information. Each leader reports directly to the commander and is responsible for major votes of the party and logistics of their respected division.

Under the Council of leaders is the General Assembly. General's meet at the General Assembly to discuss the happening of their respected affiliates, and for basic decicion making.

The Generals are responsible for each affiliate they align with. Generals are either already the leader of a group when they join the ASSP, or our voted in by the respected leader the affiliate is aligned with.

Under each Generals are Sargents that take orders from their Generals and are in command of a team of survivors The amount of survivors under the command of Sargent's depend on what a Sargent's orders are.

Finally, under each Sargent are survivors called Infantry. Infantry are the grunts of the ASSP.

Sargents are only nessecery if the affiliate in question is large enough that Sargents are needed.


Affiliates are groups of survivors that have joined the ASSP and recognize the rules and regulations of the party. Groups retain their identity and mission they only reconize the ASSP as their parent organization and elect one person, if the group doesn't have a leader, to be there chosen general. To become an affiliates, join the same way a member does.

These are the affiliates the ASSP has: Soviet Malton


The ASSP understands that not all would not like to join the party at the preasent time. But in search of unity we create allies. These are ours:

Thinkingmonkey.jpg Friend Of The Zoo
The Thinking Monkey brings luck to friends of the Malton City Zoo!


Augeust 12, 2008 - Today the ASSP announces that the Soviet Malton group whishes to join the ASSP under our flag, so today we happaly acept their whishes. Welcome Soviet Malton and here to a long and lasting friendship. Thank You.

July 31, 2008 - We know it has been awhile since our last update but this is just to say we are still active, the influx of Zeds has scattered us and we are trying to regroup. Also we do not know the current state of the Huggins Tower and if someone else has claimed it, so please claim it back in the name of the ASSP. Thank You, That is all.

June 26, 2008 - We would like to announce that we have, in our eyes, formed an alliance with the Malton Zookeepers. For them letting us use the Huggins Towers we agreed to not attack any zombies unless they attack us first and to help with their revivel points. So now we have a headquarters and an ally, what a glorious day indeed!

June 22, 2008 - The ASSP now has a temporary sign, we will change it when we get the chance and tech. Also we have claimed the Huggins Towers as our own! A wonderful day indeed! All members our advised to head there and to start barricading and repair everything. Thank You

June 21, 2008 - The ASSP now has an email! is our email. Send us a message if you need information or would like to join. Also, head for St. Mathidis and then free run to the Teffler building, a NecroTech building, to join up. Thank You

May 30, 2008 - The ASSP is searching for our headquarters somewhere in Ketchelbank, most likely in a Necrotech Building. Until we can claim a building, head for the zoo. Thank You

May 29, 2008 - The ASSP is undergoing extensive restructuring of its government and wiki. People may still join the party. Thank You and please pardon are dust.

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