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Area51banner.jpg Latest News Update:

December 17th 2009

  • Area 51 leadership begins the plans for a group reactivation.

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Area 51
Area51 sign.jpg
Abbreviation: A-51
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Fanglord2 and Garret Issacs
Goals: To continue research for a cure to the virus they created.
Recruitment Policy: No Zombies, Pkers or Zergs.
Contact: Fanglord or Garret Issacs at the Area 51 forums

About Area 51

Area 51 Rules

These are a few of the rules that Area 51 enforces on it's members, if you have questions about them please contact Fanglord.

  • Pking is not permitted.
  • You must speak and write English.
  • It is highly recommended that you have good spelling in grammar, try to use internet language in only spam area.

-Under Construction-

How to join us

-Under Construction-


If you wish to form an alliance with Area 51 please request so in the appropriate forum.


Historical Alliances

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