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Arkham PD Most Wanted
Abbreviation: APDMW
Group Numbers: Selected Officers of the APFD.
Leadership: Lt Potter
Goals: To Eliminate those whom have assaulted or Killed Innocent people in Arkhum .
Recruitment Policy: Long term Member of the APFD with Nomination by Current Member of the Prosecutors
Contact: Lt Potter.


Please Note that The APFD does not condone, nor support the Killing of other Survivors for such actions as "being a Zombie Spy" or being affiliated with a Zed organization, unless it can be PROVEN that an individual was responsible for one of the listed crimes below.

The Following Violations are Punishable by Summary Execution:

1.Assault or Battery of a APFD member

2.Aiding or abetting of the same.

3.The Murder of A APFD Officer

4.Aiding or abetting of the same

5.Destruction of APFD Property i.e. Barricades unless just cause can be determined.

6.Possession of "Brainrot" while an animated corpse.

7.Possession of "Infectious Bite" with the intent to deliver.

8.Vagrancy in a APFD revive point with no desire to be revived.

9.Unnatural or Perverted acts with Animated Necrotic Tissue.

10.Impersonating an Officer of the APFD with the intent to mislead, defame or malign others against said organization.

11.Assault or Battery of a APFD Ally w/o provication

12.Aiding or abetting of the same

13.Assembling for the intent to commit any of the above.

14.Conspiracy to commit Any of the above.

15.Commiting Acts of Terrorism on the city.

16. Causing mass Annoyance over Radios and wiki.

Procedure for Serving Warrants

1. Positively ID the TARGET.

2. Say the following.

(Profile and Name of Crimanal) is wanted for the crimes of (List crimes code). 
He has been warented on (Date). Warrent Issued by (Your name)

3. Execute Warrant.

4. List number of times Target has been Executed.

5. If target has be Executed 6 times the Warrant espiers.

Rules on the Warrants

The warrants are suspended from Christmas day to New Years day at 12:00 New York City time! That is the only time criminals may enter the suburb to visit their family or friends.

Also All Warrants end 365 days after they are issued or executed 7 times. The Warrants can be re used again if the criminal commits the crime again, or another crime. If a warrant is issued 3 times the warrant stays on permanently.

The top 10

Once We have A top ten we will be listing them here They Will have death warrents on them at all times.

Active Warrants

1. Reptileus is wanted for the crimes of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. 
He has been warented on October 15. Warrent Issued by Lt Potter
2. Strangerer is wanted for the crimes of 10
He has been warented on October 23. Warrent Issued by Lt Potter
Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency

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