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ACC Operations History
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These are the details of all operations completed in 2008 which are unclassified at this time. Other operations may still be active or due to their classified nature we can not publish any information. Current Operations can be found on our main page, and operations of other years on their own pages through the above menu.

Operation: Whack a Mole - Ended on January 31st, 2008.

In order to confront the Big Bash, the Army Control Corps decided to move south. Echo one and two were ordered to split up and set up base in two different suburbs, with E1 moving to West Grayside and E2 moving to the Northeastern part of Buttonville. For ten days the Army Control Corps were repairing the suburbs and making them war-ready for the Big Bash. On the 1st of December, the Army Control Corps moved to assist C4NT in slowing the Big Bash by holding the Angerstein NT building in East Grayside. After securing the NT, and holding it through a six day seige, the C4NT and ACC were able to move out to a new location. Once again the C4NT requested the ACC to assist them with another NT but the HC decided to assist Perryn as the fort was on the brink of a seige with the Big Bash closing in, the ACC moved in and secured all NTs in the area to keep the revive queue to a minimum. The most important of these NTs was the Malcom NT as it was the closest to the fort and was in a seige with approximately 30 zombies and over a dozen survivors waiting to be revived at the RP. On December the 15th, The Army Control Corps were orderd by the HC to concentrate on the Malcom NT as it was the closest NT and was the key to the survival of the Fort.

Finally, after a 2 and a half week siege, the Malcom was breached for the last time. With 100+ zombies outside and 30 zombies inside, after repeated requests for help from the fort, the Army Control Corps were ordered to pull out of malcom and move to the Colough NT to help mount a final defence for the fort. Unfortunately just 24 hours after Malcom had fallen with all civilians and other group personnal dead or missing, the ACC High Command announced to all personnel that they would not stay to regain Perryn. A day later all of the Army Control Corps except the Special Forces were ordered to move out, with Special Forces only staying back to revive dead personnel. The Army Control Corps moved to Joachaim mall in Fryer bank to restock then moved North to Giddings to prepare for their next operation

Operation: Hangover - Ended on January 31st, 2008.

While initially planned as a reconstruction effort in the wake of the Big Bash 2 the ACC had to change objectives when the zeds marched on Pitneybank. The ACC returned when the attack on Fort Creedy was just getting underway but it was quickly decided that the fort would not hold and that the group should focus on holding the Morrish NT building and Giddings Mall. The original Big Bash was unable to take Giddings and the ACC hoped to repeat this success with the second bash.

However, after a month long siege the mall fell on the 31st of January. The Infantry and Special Forces stayed behind in the mall to kill as many zombies as they could and act as meat shields for any less committed survivors who wanted to flee. The Medical Corps on the other hand took that time to grab as many syringes from the Moorish NT so they would be able to revive the fallen quickly. As of Feb. 1st all ACC who fell have been revived and the group is currently stocking up and thinking about what their next mission will be.

Operation: Cold Storm - Ended on February 24th, 2008.

After recovering from the arduous battle against the BB2 at Giddings Mall in Pitneybank, the Army Control Corps shifted its aim towards the suburb of Roftwood. The task at hand was to assist other groups and Survivors with reclamation & rebuilding efforts which have left the area crippled for some time.

While meeting with early success in retaking St. Ethelbert's hospital and the Greenhow NT, this Operation's original objective of securing Roftwood ultimately met disaster with the resurgence of multiple Zombie Hordes paired with the frequent problem of low Survivor numbers. However, the ACC immediately changed directive and, alongside the Cannonball Crew and The Fortress, recaptured Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village. The three groups provided an active defense while discussions were made about a future, joint Operation.

After 3 days the ACC and their allies decided to strike for the heart of Ridleybank to try to draw zeds away from the BB2. The attack was to occur when the RRF had gotten a significant distance away as they were passing by the suburb at the time. The Northern Regiment broke the plan set up by The Fortress though and attacked the Blackmore NT ahead of schedule drawing the attention of the nearby RRF. Most of the survivors committed to helping hadn't reached the area yet and were still waiting for the attack time. In an attempt to salvage the situation and buy time for The Fortress and others to get there the HC ordered Echo 2 and the newly formed Echo 3 to reinforce the Blackmore building while Echo 1 held back for the time being to resist the minor seige on Nichols mall. This effort failed though as the RRF were able to launch a siege before more survivors could arrive. The Blackmore was abandoned and the teams retreated to Nichols but to keep Army Control Corps moral high following the long siege of Giddings it was decided that the group would not stay to defend the mall. The group left right before the mall fell and returned to Pitneybank to resupply.

Operation: Aftershocks - Ended on March 16th, 2008

After Recovering from the botched invasion of Ridleybank, the Army Control Corps has decided to pursue less confrontational tactics, and are currently Repairing Suburbs and reviving suvivors in the Northern suburbs in the wake of the Big Bash. They set up a revive clinic and repaired tactical resource points.

The operation started out in Gibsonton and met with success. The group eventually expanded into Dunningwood before moving east across Santlerville and finally into Huntley Heights. The group set up in a couple of NTs and tried to decide what to do next. A number of groups were preparing to enter the SSZ to try to reclaim ground destroyed by the BB2 and the ACC had been asked to help. After a close vote the group decided not to go into the SSZ. Instead the ACC would head to the wasteland of the NW which had been razed to the ground by the efforts of Extinction, The Militant Order of Barhah, and The Eastonwood Ferals. Eleven of the western suburbs had fallen into the grey unknown and the ACC decided to enter the ruins to search for whatever life might still remain.

Operation: Mad Max - Ended on April 9th, 2008.

The Group left their safehouses in Huntley Heights to travel West. Within a day of their leaving two of the local NTs they had been staying at were broken into and many survivors killed. A couple ACC who hadn't left yet were among those killed. The group pressed on and entered Gatcombeton to find the suburb was simply empty of life. The mall had been retaken already but there were less than a half dozen survivors inside. The ACC decided to forgo defending the mall in case it drew too much attention and instead turned their attention to clearing and cading every building along the South side of the suburb as well as every resource building. Two days after entering Gatcombeton they pushed into Judgewood in order to keep pushing into the ruins and recover more buildings.

In less than a week the suburbs of Gatcombeton, Judgewood, and Jensentown have been upgraded from grey to orange. The local group The Grove continue to hold Calvert mall while The ACC are pushing further West and South.

Operation: Watershed - Ended on May 2nd, 2008.

Operation Watershed started out as a basic suburb reclamation op that was to occur in East Becktown and Reganbank. However, early in the operation it was determined that both areas had come under the strong arm of the Dead, and the assault was called off. The ACC then moved into Nixbank, and shortly thereafter into Mornington. After a failed assault on Merewether PD SaulKD ordered the beginning of the April Reformation, which dissolved Echo 3 and determined the personel who remained active. Following this the ACC moved into Williamsville, into Dibbings PD and Mayer NT buildings. Three days later SaulKD ordered the ACC north in order to meet up around Mitchem Mall and secure the area. Echo 1 Captain 1337 Private ordered Echo 1 to begin rebuilding and securing Pegton, an activity that lasted approximatly four days. SaulKD then called on the ACC to move into Yagoton and secure the Serrell Building. Several days later Captain zed pro of Echo 2 called for his unit to move into Millen Hills and secure Powlett PD.

Operation: Pyre - Ended on June 14th, 2008

The ACC moved into Lukinswood in order to secure the southeast portion of the suburb. Stagg NT became the main stronghold for the ACC and was held along with the Galvin Museum, the Shortman building, and several others in the area at points. Zombie numbers fluctuated throughout the operation, though the area would remain relatively secure. Stagg NT became the main focus for the zombies later in the operation.

On May 16th Echo 2, Phoenix team, moved to Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village to assist in the battle against the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Echo 1, Scorpion team, remained in Lukinswood officially until May 21st. On that date Echo 1 shifted its focus south towards the SE corner of Malton, focusing on the flashpoints in Scarletwood.

After it became obvious that more reinforcements were needed in Nichols Mall, Echo 1, Scorpion team, moved to reinforce Echo 2, Phoenix team. The Echo names were then permanently changed to Scorpion for Echo 1 and Phoenix for Echo 2. The siege of Nichols Mall lasted for almost a month, in which the surrounding NTs frequently changed hands, but the Mall itself only suffered minor breakins. On June the 13th the LUE joined the siege, which tipped the balance in the zombies favor.

Operation: Cordite - Ended on July 13th, 2008

After recovering from the fall of Nichols Mall, the ACC turned its attention to the ruined suburbs of Richmond Hills and Lukinswood. A base of operations was quickly established in Lukinswood and the revive queues were cleared within days.

Team Scorpion then pushed forward into East Becktown, clearing the Daubeney Building and St Eleutherius's Hospital. Meanwhile team Phoenix continued to hold the tactical resource points in Lukinswood to provide a safe fallback point, in case things turned ugly in East Becktown. Because Lukinswood was safely in survivor hands, team Phoenix also moved to East Becktown on June 23th, capturing Loney Row PD and the surrounding buildings.

The operation in Lukinswood was cut short in order to participate in a joined strike with the PDF, the CDF, and the CC to recapture Fort Perryn on July 8. The Fort was captured, but it could only be held for a few days before it was lost again due to a lack of survivor reinforcements.

Operation: Raised Ladder - Ended on August 26th, 2008

This operation started out as a suburb reclamation op in the suburbs of Santlerville and Huntley Heights. Santlerville was already safe when the ACC arrived, but Huntley Heights had a large zombie presence. Solomon Lane PD and the Plowright Building were secured first, but these quickly became the target of the large zombie presence. After the NT fell, the Echo's retreated to Dowdney Mall to prepare for a joined op with the Fortress.

This joined op consisted of taking Nichols Mall to draw the zombie attention, and then securing Woodcroffe and Hildebrand Mall. The op was finished with an assault on Ridleybank

Operation: Barrel Roll - Ended on September 9th, 2008

After the assault on Ridleybank, both echos moved out to restore the Suburbs of Galbraith Hills and Shore Hills. These suburbs were completely ruined at the start of the operation, but are now slowly becoming safer. After two weeks the suburbs were in a lot better shape and other survivors were returning. Then the ACC decided to move on again.

Operation: Anansi - Ended on October 28th, 2008

On September 9 the ACC moved to the area around Caiger Mall, initially supporting the besieged Sweeney Building. Later the attention shifted to Latrobe and Caiger itself. Latrobe was ruined a few times, but reclaimed quickly every time. The mall itself only suffered minor breakins. Later the Sweeney Building could also be secured. Because the area was relatively secure, Echo 2 stated with operation Stale Bread. The mall quickly came under siege again though, and had to be evacuated to be able to prepare for the November 5th Operation.

Operation: Stale Bread - Ended on October 28th, 2008

Operation Stale Bread was a small operation carried out during Operation Anasi. It consisted of Echo Two moving out to help local survivors rebuild Roywood. The operation was quickly aborted however, because Caiger Mall came under siege again.

Operation: Cracked Egg - Ended on November 9th, 2008

Operation Cracked Egg was the 5th of November invasion of Ridleybank. It was a joint operation with many groups, including the Cannonball Crew, the Fortress, U.B.C.S., USAI, and Phoenix Security Services. Echo one quickly cleared Adalbert General Hospital, and Echo two tried to clear the Blackmore building together with one of the Fortress strike teams. This was more difficult however as The RRF had come prepared however, and it took too long to clear out all the zombies before the position of echo one in Adalbert became under pressure. With no foothold inside Ridleybank, and the Went Building, the nearest operational NT, suffering a large breakin, it was decided to end the operation.

Operation: Event Horizon - Ended on November 22nd, 2008

After restocking the ACC moved to the east to reclaim a few ruined suburbs. First the Crowbank building in Crowbank was secured, then the infantry and engineers cleared Mitchem Mall. The Medical corps later joined them, the mall sound became a target and had to be evacuated after just two days.

Using Buckley Mall as a base of operations, both echo's then focused on providing revives in green zones for a while. After a few days large groups of zombies moved into Wyke Hills from the north, and most of the suburb was ruined within days. Soon only the Mall, the Lodder Building and a few other buildings around the mall were left standing. Rather then await the inevitable fall of the Mall, all personel restocked and prepared to move out for the next misson.

Operation: Lazarus - Ended on December 9th, 2008

Operation Lazarus started with the recapture of the Mydleham NT Building and Burt Square PD in the completely ruined suburb of Crowbank. While the medical corps worked on clearing the revive points, the rest of the echo teams started clearing the surrounding buildings.

While echo 2 stayed behind to defend the Mydleham NT Building, echo 1 moved to restore the southern part of the suburb, starting with the Doubting NT Building. With the local survivors revived and most of the buildings repaired and powered, it was time for the ACC to move on.

For details of our current operations, or for any other ACC-related information, please visit our main page.

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