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ACC History
Early History

The Army Control Corps was founded on the 12th of October 2005 by Sgt Whiskey Swiper(Retired), and initially had the following simple policies:

Group name: Army Control Corps

Goals: Reclaiming 'tainted lands', counter offensives, and organising all groups into one coherant bodies

Future goals: Destroying the zombie threat at its source

Membership: Humans only (Civilians etc also accepted with open arms)

Contact: Post on the thread (link to be added soon)

Location: Over the city, communicate in the main thread, or PM me.

I've been here from nearly the beginning, and seen a lot. It seems to me that overall we lack in coordination. To combat the large zombie hordes and those foolish enough to PK, or lead small rebellions etc, I am establishing this group to give general guidance, and lead counter offensives across the board.

We are not aiming to contradict the CoL, but if we are directly opposed in the field our agents may use whatever actions are deemed necessary.

All those who want to join (any level or class) may do so - whether you prefer combat or just surviving, we can find you all a place.

Swiper Out.

Swiper intended it to be a group primarily for coordination across Malton, more concerned with unifying groups than engaging zombies. He believed that the Army Control Corps would be the military wing of the group and counter any threats they faced.

The ACC initially attracted a wide variety of groups to join as Satellite Groups, this later led to major ramifications for the ACC as a whole.

The ACC's first engagement was in Fort Creedy from 16 until 18 October, where the 3 members of the fledgling ACC assisted the still relatively new Creedy Defense Force.

Despite all the fact that all the members were killed, more people joined the ACC, especially after Shubeck joined as the 2nd In Command of the ACC. Shubeck brought with him members from his former group. At that time Spr Cobra founded Soldiers of Fortitude (SoF): an ACC's satellite group for the training of new players.

The ACC's first official Operation was on a tiny scale: Operation: Black Ice. This Operation was designed to 'neutralize' MugenX, who was leading a small band of PKers who were bringing down morale within Creedy.

When the hordes moved onto Giddings, Swiper devised a grandiose plan - which he viewed could Giddings.

Operation: Black Ice II was the first major engagement by the ACC - on the 28th of October the ACC launched a counter attack at Fort Perryn, with the aim to draw the hordes away from the besieged Giddings Mall. The Mall that would play such a large part in the ACC's history. Seven members of the ACC entered the

Fort, and were joined by a few random survivors. Nicknamed 'Fort Liberty' by the ACC, they held off initially against a horde of fifty zombies, which soon increased to over 100 besieging zombies. Sweeper Teams ran small harassing attacks, attempting to lure the zombies away from Perryn, and the ACC held out.

Swiper made grandiose statements that Perryn will hold until the hordes come!

By November the 7th the ACC moved on from Perryn, as the zombies were rarely getting in, and it was clear that there was no challenge in holding Perryn at the time. This victory was mainly down to coordination on the survivor side, and general lack of zombie unity.

The Shubeck Issue

The Shubeck Issue divided the ACC, and nearly destroyed it. On the 5th November, Shubeck left the ACC. He told the ACC how great they were and left with good spirit and a general feeling of loss. Unfortunately reports came to Swiper that Shubeck was PKing and threatening survivors and warning them of the wrath of the ACC. Around 9 PKings were reported, and with a heavy heart Swiper ordered the elimination of Shubeck on the 7th November. Swiper mortally wounded Shubeck, and another ACC member finished him off. The plan was to hit him whenever he was revived until he left the immediate vicinity.

Shubeck returned to the ACC in a fury, and it turned out that Private Johanson had taken the details to his account and began butchering all those he met. Shubeck sorted the issue out with Kevan who changed his password.

Private Johanson was thrown out of the ACC because of this and is the most notorious member in ACC history.

Siege of Caiger Mall

Prior to the Second siege of Caiger Mall, the ACC was preparing to establish a proper base - in Penny Heights - so they could launch a new attack on Perryn and hunt down PKer groups who had been sighted locally.

During the Siege of Caiger Mall the ACC assisted in the defense, by deploying all of the SoF and ACC to Caiger - around 30-40 men to the siege. Constant attacks of Caiger were beaten back, and between the Shubeck Issue and Caiger Mall the ACC developed closer links with the Council of Leaders and the Gingerbread Men during this time, the New Council of Leaders (Neo CoL) emerged, bringing all the fault lines and issues within the ACC to a head.

The War against the Neo CoL

Two days after the formation of the Neo CoL , Swiper and a secret coalition - The Allied Defence Committee decided the best course of action to stop the Neo CoL would be a war against them, removing key leaders and groups sympathetic to the Neo CoL. This war was also known as Operation Driveby.

The initial attack of Operation Driveby claimed the Neo CoL Councilor Sykic, and soon other Councilors were being attacked and killed, along with those sympathetic to the Neo CoL. Initially it was highly successful, but the Neo CoL managed to use their influence on Desensitised [1] to get the ACC and all those who attacked the Neo CoL declared PKers.

The next few days saw major internal divisions within the ACC, the ACC divided internally and there was open outrage that Swiper had made such a dramatic decision without even consulting the majority of the ACC. The Disgruntled Heroes cut all ties with the ACC in response to this and several members of the ACC joined other groups, such as the Gingerbread Men. Operation: Driveby was the largest blunder in the ACC's history.

Swiper's Retirement and Return

Swiper retired on the 4th of December, and handed control over the ACC to Shubeck. During this time Swiper became 'The Avenger of Malton' assisting survivors he found, and destroying a small PKer group in a small siege by attacking them then destroying their barricades - within a few hours all were lying outside the Police Department. Meanwhile the the ACC limped on, changing leadership and policies. Following the brief war against the New CoL (caused by some disagreements and confused communications), Swiper decided it would be best if he retired. As such, he posted a farewell on the forums, made some suggestions as to a successor and left.

On the 29th of December 2005 he returned to rebuild the ACC, which was crippled after his idiotic move to directly oppose the New CoL; and he was thus reinstated as commander, and started the hard work of rebuilding the group he almost destroyed with a publicity campaign. After the Mall Tour commenced, Swiper contacted old members and managed to get several to return to the ACC.

Return to Glory

In January 2006 Giddings Mall came under siege and the ACC assisted in it's defense during Operation Sacred One. The Giddings Defenders were formed during the siege to coordinate the survivor effort with other groups. When the mall fell, only one member of the ACC managed to escape alive. After the siege the Alliance of Giddings was formed on the principles of the Giddings Defenders, and recaptured the mall within days. The Alliance of Giddings was disbanded on the 3d of July 2006. The ACC won back its status and glory during this siege.

The April Reformation

By April 2006, the ACC was quiet. No united official operations were going on, a lot of the experienced members were simply not posting. The most active board was the off-topic one. Myo, a Major of the ACC and one of the forum's Admins decided that enough was enough. With Swiper's support he took apart the forums and rebuilt significant parts of them. He also declared that everyone, including himself but with the sole exception of Swiper, must reapply and should they either not do so or not be accepted they would be considered inactive and thus be removed from the ACC.

The most important change in this reformation was the formation of high command. This was deemed necessary to bring order into the leadership of the group. Initially, the command was compromised of the following officers: Commander of the ACC, Infantry Corps Leader, Medical Corps Leader, Chief Instructor and Tactical Advisor. The rest of the group was divided into the Infantry Corps and the Medical Corps.

This reformation introduced the following ranking system:

High Command Commissioned Officers Non-Commissioned Officers Enlisted New Recruit
Colonel Lieutenant Sergeant Private Trainee

The reformations replaced the Soldiers of Fortitude satellite group with the Trainee Corps for training new recruits. The Special Forces were temporarily disbanded, but were reinstated shortly afterwards when the number of members increased.

CDF-ACC Disputes

There were a number of disputes during the summer of 2006 between the long-standing allies the Creedy Defense Force and the Army Control Corps. This was mainly due to clashes between Swiper and a number of the CDF leadership figures. However, thanks to some extensive efforts made by several key figures in both organizations, these problems have been pretty much resolved. There were some concerns over Swiper's status however. He had not officially taken a leave of absence, but he effectively had when he formed the NMO, an anti-CDF organization.

After a lot of confusion and a lack of activity or information from Swiper (due to real life commitments) this eventually resulted in a lot of confusion. In the end, Major Myo took over as CO after a vote and with the support of Swiper on October 21st 2006.

Not long after this, Acting Special Forces Commander Ranceblc resigned over the whole NMO conspiracy, which eventually turned out to be a sort of 'test' conducted independently by a small group of officers. Rance felt he had been backstabbed by said officers and left to work as a permanent PKer. Since then Rance (aka Johnny Reb) spent some time on the forums. He apparently felt hard-done to and seemed to relish stirring up trouble on the forums. Eventually his account was banned as it could not be deleted as per his request.

Myo's Retirement

On May 6th 2007 Colonel Myo retired as commander of the ACC and turned over command to SaulKD. At this time the group numbers had dropped to about 20. Therefore the Special Forces were temporarily disbanded and its members reassigned to either the Infantry Corps, under the command of Captain Wicks (retired), or the Medical Corps, under the command of Major Munq.


On July 19th 2007, before Operation Spilled Milk, the ACC was organized into a new structure with a clear chain of command. This was needed because of the recent increase in numbers to about 30. The Infantry Corps was divided into two squads: Echo 1 and Echo 2. These squads each had an CO (Lieutenant) with NCO (Sergeant) acting as second in command. Both squads were still under the command of the Infantry Corps Leader (Captain Wicks (retired)).

This new structure gave the group as a whole more flexibility, allowing two different objectives to be achieved at the same time.

Special Forces

The special forces were reinstated on November 1st, just before Operation Guy Fawkes. By this time the group numbers was approaching 50. The main purpose of the Special Forces was to scout ahead of the main force. They were a separate unit, under the command of Captain Blessed Guard (retired).

Echo 3

On January 25th 2008 a third echo was was formed under the command of Lieutenant Mcwaffle. At this time the ACC had well over 70 members. This squad was not active for very long however, as it was disbanded in the second April Reformation.

Second April Reformation

In April 2008 the group was again in need of reorganizing. There were a lot of inactive members on the roster, most of them in echo 3 (including the CO). This combat squad was therefore dissolved. The the medical corps and the special forces were also disbanded.

All members were forced to reapply and choose their specialty: infantry, engineer, combat medic or special forces. This made it possible to clear out all the inactive members from the lists. All active members were reassigned to two new squads: scorpion and phoenix (formerly echo 1 and echo 2), under the command of captains 1337 Private and Zedpro respectively, with lieutenants acting as second in command.

After these reformations the high command was composed of the commanding officer, the chief medical officer and both combat squad COs. The ranks system was also reformed as shown below:

High Command Commissioned Officers Non-Commissioned Officers Enlisted New Recruit
Colonel First Lieutenant Sergeant Private Trainee
Major Second Lieutenant Corporal

July Assignments

In July of 2009 the groups members had dropped. Trainees and privates were regularly going inactive, and though we received many new recruits, we still suffered a slow decline. To halt this, the High Command initiated a series of improvements meant to increase interest in the group.

First a mentoring program was initiated, with 2nd Lieutenant Mac2Beme assigned to head this program. This program is meant to get people more active, draw in new members, keep the new trainees interested in the group, and finally to show the privates what will be expected from them when they are promoted. The mentors are to be the guides for the new trainees to both the game and the ACC forums.

Also a new serious discussion section of the forums has been added, which all officers have mod powers over.

Finally, all officers were given job assignments to help improve the group. These include editing and updating the ACC UD guide, writing a ACC newsletter, cleaning the criminals thread, and updating this wiki.

For details of our current operations, or for any other ACC-related information, please visit our main page.

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