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Army of one love is a new group created on the 14th of April 2009 by the character Doomlancer and is now a small brotherhood of zombie slayers who loves nothing better than to kill some zombie butt.

A short history

It was the start of the eclipse that was about to unfold upon the world. The first few patients that were diagnosed with these 'ZOMBIE" illnesses were quarantined in fear of a global pandemic. However it all changed when those who were quarantined quickly turn to ZOMBIES. The world went in to chaos and more and more zombies start to appear and affect more and more people who in turn become more zombies. However among those who were first quarantined was a boy from a rich family who obviously thought he was quarantined due to a conspiracy to take over his family's wealth. Well it was no conspiracy because even if it was, the conspirators all have died and become a zombie. This boy turned into a zombie with a few of his friends and start terrorizing the streets of Buttonville until one faithful day a team of ANBU black ops came and revive them and train them in the art of smashing zombies into pulps. The names of those 2 boys were unknown but after that day they were given their OFFICIAL ANBU black ops code name Surabar and Doomlancer and was given the task by the ANBU to help maintain the peace in Buttonville and thus the name Army of One Love came about in the city.

Recruitment Status

The brotherhood is currently open to application.To apply simply head to the north-west side of Buckley Mall in Buttonville or the south part of Pole Mall in West Grayside and find for Surabar or Doomlancer (in Buckley) or Knightly(in Pole) then send then a message via handphone and a reply will be sent to you as soon as any of us log in.

Current Members:


-Surabar(Captain of the Buckley Division)

-Knightly(Captain of the Pole Division)

-Molucco Wrathe(Buckley Highborn)

Zombie Hunter Status

We honour all those that kills zombie thus we decided to start a special rank system base on zombies killed by a person,every time a member kills a zombie he is required to send a text message to the leader to be alerted.Those who kill a certain number of zombies are given star ranks as shown below:

1 star - (5 zombies and above)

2 stars - (10 zombies and above)

3 stars - (15 zombies and above)

4 stars - (20 zombies and above)

5 stars - (30 zombies and above)

The brotherhood score board is as below:

doomlancer- 41 kills (5 stars)

surabar- 46 kills (5 stars)

Knightly-7 kills (1 star)

molucco wrathe-40 kills (5 stars)-

Group activity

Currently we are stationed at Buckley Mall killing any zombies in sight for the safety of the mall and also Buttonville. We also have started a revive service for all Buttonville occupant.

-Our men are running small patrol runs around the mall killing as many zombies in sight as well as repairing all baricade according to the baricade plan curently.

Revive service

Those who needs revive service kindly mail me We only revive people standing at the wasteland beside Hutching banks so please be there for us to revive you.

We support

McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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