Army of Creedy

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Army of Creedy
Abbreviation: AoFC
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: Pvt Stanwell
Goals: Defence of Fort Creedy
Recruitment Policy: open to offers to help rebuild group, if so, contact me

The Army of Creedy

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Army of creedy dispanded due to idle members and its leader falling very ill. With nobody to organise the group, it fell apart shortly after its success of recapturing creedy in 2009.

Core Objectives

Outposts within city suburbs Safety of citizens and other organisation personell Security of vital buildings Ensuring MQZ (Malton Quarantine Zone) is'nt breached Elimination of all Zed's Elimination of unawful killers (PKer's)


no longer recruiting. maybe later in 2010 if possible.

Rank Structure

25 AoFC is a military organisation with its own rank structure. A serviceman/womans rank depends on their level:

1-4 Private 5-9 Corporal 10-14 Sergeant 15-19 Lieutenant 20-24 Captain 25+ Major Commander is reached by special vote, and only commanding officers can be commanders


The battle for creedy was quick and easy, as all major groups seemed absent and the zombie threat was at a minimum. We recaptured the fort, and set it back to fulling working order. No sign of The Big Bash 2, and we cant find any evidence of Creedy Defence Force still being mobil. So, we are currently safe to assume a total victory for the time being and relative safety within the fort.

No new updates after 2009. Group dispanded. Possibly group will be re-activated late 2010.


awaiting reactivation of group. no allies.

Operational Status

dispanded. Leader still resides in creedy. having returned to Malton, leader is considering starting group again. if you see Lt Gawson/Pvt Stanwell/Pvt Stanley around, then give them a message if you want to help.


want to join. visit the website stated above.

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