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Assassins of Fire
Abbreviation: AoF
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Head Assassin
Goals: To assassinate all who do not give us due respect to our god Thanatos
Recruitment Policy: Just post a request on our forums
Contact: Forums

Who are we?

We, my friends, are the shadows of Malton. Little is known about us by anyone. Even the members on the inside know little about each other. Everything is kept secret to protect our identities from any bounty hunters that might label us as scum.

A poem written about us:

I heard a whisper, last night at the mall, So many had died with so little to recall,

They said, "AoF" did you hear what they did? Wait, I heard something about, "Thanatos's bid".

What? Go on, I want to hear, what did you say?, The god of death is in Malton, no shit, no way.

Like an undertone, a murmur, a silent Jehed, The terror had started right here in a mob.

"Assassins of Fire", a slender girl said, My friend I saw her blond hair now blood red.

Another shouted, the pile was so tall, I thought I was outside of a horde taken mall.

From a dark corner an old man exclaimed, I was there, I saw it, the blood it rained.

Everyone turned to look his way, "They spoke of a war, a final day.

The son of Dark Sleep and Night it seems has a Holy War planned for his minions".

All non-loyals will die by pistol or knife They come and destroy you by pale moonlight.

Said a young level one, "When I see a zed, I run". You can not run from Fate, Come down from your tower, Get down on your knees and bow to your sire The Holy, the Mighty,

The Assassins of Fire.

What do we do?

Many people are un-sure what we do, but I know... Anyone that offers no respect to us and Thanatos will be killed. Anyone who helps us will be rewarded appropriately. You scratch our back and we will leave yours un-harmed.

What can you do?

Well, the first option would be to join us, but be sure that any mistakes can take their toll on you unexpectedly. Don't be sure that you will be trusted straight away: trust isn't easily gained from us. We are very weary for spies and such like.

Another option you have is to use our contract killing system. Send us a person's profile, position and other types of information, and we will hunt them down with pride. BUT...we need a reason why we should, and proof as well; we aren't going to hunt down any old person. Unless we want to...

What are our rules?

We have a strict non-zerging policy, so if you wish to join us just remember that only one of your characters can come along. Also, please no asking for members' profiles, as we do not give them out for the reason that we try to remain undercover.


Thanatos is the God of Death. He guides our bullets into the bodies of the infidels. He makes it possible for it to rain blood.

"And there the children of Dark and Night have their dwellings, Sleep and Death, awful gods. The glowing Sun never looks upon them with his beams, neither as he goes up into heaven, nor as he comes down from heaven. And the former of them roams peacefully over the earth and the sea's broad back and is kindly to men; but the other has a heart of iron, and his spirit within him is pitiless as bronze: whomsoever of men he has once seized he holds fast: and he is hateful even to the deathless gods."

Dead - courtesy of us

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Dr James Wong -

Dr Paterson - x2

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El Noche -

Etaf -

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Genghis Hair -

Gregory Chandler -

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Icarus Fountain - x11

I Fkd Will Yearous -

ihateniggers -

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Jack The Bear -

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Members' stories

Head Assassin

Dawn had crept over Malton once more and the groans of those were still echoing in the winds. After years of killing who needed to be killed, I thought to myself that The Time is now. After many days and many nights, and an eternity of concentration, a new group of assassins were formed. These elite killers were branded as shadows and their history vanished from any records in Malton. The only recognition of us now are the flames that bellow in the night sky as we leave the slaughtered innocents in the buildings. There is more to be expected from the Assassins of Fire for as our numbers grow, so do our victims...

All in the name of Thanatos, The God of Death...


Considered young even by most standards. However he is not to be trifled with. His face is hidden by a Guy Fawkes Mask and Black Hat and he carries his favourite shotgun Isabella. He was saved from a horde of zombies by the Head Assasin and he proved himself when he was asked to detonate a bomb inside a NecroTech lab, killing all of those inside.He has rose through the ranks, as as he rises so does the boy count. He stalks the shadows now.... Watch you back Malton...

Stealth Assassin

Once upon a time Stealth had been a pro-survivor, assisting those helpless survivors, eternally ungrateful though they were. But there was a feeling of dissatisfaction in his heart, a feeling that there was more to life than cading, healing, reviving; a daily monotonous cycle.

And then one night, as the clock struck midnight, the Head Assassin appeared, as if out of nowhere. After that night, things were different for Stealth Assassin. He had been liberated from the boring everyday chores and delighted in assisting the Assassins of Fire in their work, leaving devastation in his path.


A man called by seven names and none of them his own. Directly from the military, he was trained for assassinating high ranked enemies in a swift fashion. Was discovered to be associated with a group responsible for killing the leaders of large PKer groups in Malton. Early this year he was caught flat-footed by a mysterious man only known as Head Assassin, who offered him two options: die or become a shadow.

Rasputin has since then vanished as a ghost. People end up dead in the name of the "Assassins of Fire" but little is known of the group or even of its so called members. In the cold streets of Malton only the dead know the truth. A ghost with seven names and none is the grimm dog of the shadow.

The Hitman

Foolishly, The Hitman tried to assassinate the Head Assassin, in order to prevent the setting up of a group to rival his uniquely lethal service. For this, The Hitman received a severely broken wrist, which fortunately does not hinder the murderous machinations dealt out in the service of his new master, who's known only as the Head Assassin.

The wasted Teletubbie

The wasted Teletubbie is a killer. On happy drugs. He takes the happy drugs because he killed his fellow teletubbies, and became depressed. He went to Malton to get a nice cool holiday, but the zeds came. Then he got really drunk and started killing guys at random, being happy as always.

Assassin Ranger

Part of a long forgotten military order, this man wanders preying on weak survivors for his own sick pleasures. He had become sick of helping the ungrateful rats of Malton. He specializes in picking off whole groups of survivors from long distances, you'll never see him, as he is the night. The night is him.

Try as you may to find him, only one has successfully. He offered a proposition of organized killing and a reward for his gifts. This solicitor was the Head Assassin.

Johnny Slaughter

Johnny is known by many, and revered by PKers everywhere to be very elusive. He was a part of a MI6 secret experiment. Codenamed "Slaughter"; after the effects on his mind after injecting him with various serums. Later on in his life in the labs,he was sent into a testing facility. Sadly,the testing facility was another MI6 experiment...Malton. With multiple personality distorter and at time seems to be very dilutionary. He mistakes reality from his own mind. Making him one of the most dangerous men in Malton. Johnny sometimes comes in conflicts with his younger brother, Jack Slaughter. Jack, although younger was tested with different serums and experiments. We know very little about Jack except that he was tested under the same code name "Slaughter". Only weeks after he was put in the testing facility Johnny lost most of his memories after his helicopter(which was transporting him to a fort) crashed in a horrific accident. Him and his brother were separated and both lost most of there memories afterward. Later on, he started to regain memory. Waking up in an abandoned warehouse. He was saved by a group of assassins which took him under there wing. Now deemed a PKer strolls around Malton reporting back to his fellow assassins. But sometimes, Johnny has a memory return. A room with a brightly light door. A man screaming at him, pointing at the door. The sound of strong wind. A bang. A shake. And then... The sky.


In his eyes you can see a fire within. This man used to wander the streets of Malton killing all those that set eyes upon him. Until one day Malton decided to take revenge. Trying to take his life during the night he was saved by one man's stealthy brave skills. The Head Assassin. Since then this man has a life debt to him, and this is why he joined this group. In the hope that he can one day repay it to him.

The Well Dressed Man

In the time before the infestation, his name was unknown to most, and those who claim to know his name either were lying, or were given an alias. It is conjectured that he was a "cleaner" for the government, but with the infestation, there are no governments, but his talents are still very useful even after the zombie outbreak. Killing those who stood before him, zombie or not, he quickly realized that his talents were in high demand. Being a man without a name for most of his life, made him the perfect candidate for the Assassins of Fire. In a manner true to his nature, he found the AoF, who quickly accepted him as one of their own. His name is derived from the fact that he does indeed dress very well.

But these are not all our members...


Sociopath apostles

On the 16th of February, I traveled to our neighbours in offering of a alliance. I believe the terms we are working on are very good and look forward to working with them in the future.


On the 17th of February, Toothdecay and myself offically declared each other as allies. Terms were agreed on that together we shall strike down any enemies that dare to stand in front of us.


On the 17th of February, Happy confronted the Head Assassin, and meeting on terms a future for both groups had began and hopefully will not end for a very long time.

Grove Street Gang

On the 11/12th of Augest a new group named Grove Street Gang came forth and spoke to the Head Assassin. Deals were made and the two groups now co-exist together.

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