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Rankings (please do not use this template)

Our ranks are as follows:
  • Initiate- This rank is for the newest of members. All survivors that join will receive this rank, regardless of their level, and will continue to have this rank until they prove that they are ready to move up the chain of command.

  • Paladin- This is the first rank an Initiate can achieve. Along with Knights, this rank makes up most of the group. It should also be noted, that while Paladins are higher ranked than Initiates, they are not allowed to issue orders to them.

  • Knight- These members have distinguished themselves in battle, and in doing so have earned the right to move up the the rank of Knight. These members, when given permission, can issue orders to Paladins and Initiates.

  • Protector- The rank of Protector is a much less combatant role, for those who would rather spend time doing things such as healing, reviving, and maintaining barricades and buildings. Although this rank is less combat oriented, Protectors may still need to fight if needed to reclaim buildings or defend the suburb if it is under invasion. Furthermore, while this rank is equal to the rank of Knights, due to their less combative roles, Protectors are not allowed to lead Knights, Paladins, or Initiates.

  • Knight Sergeant- Knight Sergeants issue and monitor day to day orders to the lower ranks. This rank is not easy to obtain, and only a select few will be selected for it. In addition to day to day orders, these members are also tasked with monitoring the Initiates. A member must be a part of Atlas for at least 4 months before he may be promoted.

  • Knight Captain- Knight Captains command Knight Sergeants (Who in turn orders his troops accordingly) during military operations and general day to day work.

  • High Protector- High Protectors lead the Protectors. While the rank is, again, equal to the rank of "Knight Captain", Protectors do not lead Knights. (Including all their various ranks).

  • Knight Commander- This is the second in command. They take over in absence of the High Commander. They monitor the group and make sure the chain of command is working properly. There may only be one of these.

  • High Commander- This is the leader of the group. There may only be one of these.
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