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Atlas is always happy to have new recruits interested in joining, but first we would like you to know a bit about what you will encounter with us.

What Is Our Mission?
The first step to joining Atlas is understanding our objectives. Atlas are a survivor group that is situated in Pescodside and has soldiers from our group in the surrounding suburbs. As a member of our group, it will be your responsibility to heal, revive, retake buildings, and overall protection of survivors. While the Atlas is always quick to help a survivor in need, our members must always be mindful not to aid any criminals. Criminals are those survivors who commonly sabotage or murder other survivors.

Who Can Enlist?
Any survivor is capable of joining Atlas, regardless of skills or level. You only need to be able to follow these four simple protocols:

  1. You must never "Zerg". Doing so is dishonest and unfair to other players. Any member discovered to be "zerging" will be discharged immediately from the group.
  2. You cannot follow the philosophy of "Dual Nature", or the idea that "as a survivor, you play as a survivor, but as a zombie, you play as a zombie".
  3. You cannot be involved in crimes against innocent survivors, such as PKing or GKing.
  4. You cannot support or assist, in any way, hostile zombies.

How Do I Enlist?
Joining the Atlas is simple. Register on the Atlas Forums and then post on our sign-up thread Located Here. In the post simply request to join Atlas and provide a link to your character profile (i.e. Next, to indicate your interest, be sure to update your character's group affiliation to read: Atlas

Once your request has been confirmed on the forum you will be granted "Member" access which will allow you to access our private forum section.

I'm Enlisted, What's Next?

Now that you have officially joined Atlas you should consider whether you want to proceed in a military career as a soldier or combat medic. Both positions are vital with Atlas and it also depends on your personal preference. If you prefer the heat of battle, killing zombies and executing criminals, then you will want to take the soldier career path. However if you prefer to provide support, through healing and reviving your fellow squadmates, then you might be best suited as a combat medic. Of course if you change your mind down the road it only takes a simple transfer request to switch career paths. Initially you will start your career with the rank of Initiate, but once you begin to meet the minimum skill and enrolment requirements then your rank will improve.
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