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Group Numbers:
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Supporting Axes High and Rotter Revivification
Recruitment Policy:
Exclusive to existing AH members with Brain Rot
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The Axes High Dirty Rotten Bastards is a tactical strike team exclusively for members who have acquired Brain Rot. The DRB is a survivor organization that accepts members both dead and alive and is united by brain brotherhood. This team is a sub-group of Axes High (we wear "Axes High" as our group tag), and thereby falls under any applicable alt policies.

The DRB's support the survivor population through the preservation of resources, with emphases on preserving and retaking NecroTech facilities and assisting in rotter-revive programs. The Bastards hold a mutual support relationship with Rotter's Relief's central office in Stanbury Village, and strive to keep organized revivification a constant in our home.

To join the Dirty Rotten Bastards, you must be a member of Axes High, and you must have Brain Rot. It is also recommended that you have a fair battery of Human and Zombie skills at your disposal. You must be willing to support our efforts in Barrville as well as maintaining and assisting Rotters' Relief's nearby clinic.

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