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Axes High
Abbreviation: AH
Group Numbers: 23 and growing again!
Leadership: Hardcore Rockabilly and Livid
(Firsts Among Equals)
Goals: Destruction of zombies with axes and other melee weapons (see main text)
Recruitment Policy: Join!
Contact: AH Forum

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"Malton is damned. Death walks our streets, our sidewalks, in our homes and shops. Our families are dead. Or worse. We want payback, and we do it old school. With our fists, our boots, lead pipes and axes. We are firemen, we are medics... we're your next door neighbor.

A month ago we wept over spilt milk... we're carved out of stone.

We are ...AXES HIGH."

Axes High is a human group that is dedicated to killing zombies exclusively with melee weapons. They recruit survivors that have only ever used melee weapons (primarily the fire axe); indeed, to be a member we require (flexibly) that you not have any firearm skills whatsoever. In Axes we trust!

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Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

This user or group is not affiliated with the Department of Emergency Management (contact) and is attempting to use an internal DEM template without authorization.

<span-style="color: #000000">Goals and Guidelines</span>

Our membership consists mainly of firefighters, but also includes some scientists and even the odd military scout. The prime directives of AH are the rescue and protection of survivors, the destruction or revivification of zombies, and mutual defense of fellow members from both the zombie menace and PKers. In pursuit of these goals, AH members may act as warriors, healers, scouts and safehouse builders.

Axes High has called the suburb of Barrville home since their successful occupation and evacuation of Floyde Stadium in October of 2005. It wasn't until December of 2005, that we decided to make our presence in the suburb official. Recent events have temporarily forced us to relocate, but Barrville is still our home.

Currently we are in the process of rebuilding. The group became scattered and membership had waned, placing us on the brink. But Axes High will not go down so easily!

2 Years on and still doing the service we were formed for in and around Barrville. But we need your help, as numbers are crutial at this time so "Saddle up and join the Axes high, its a job for real men"

<span-style="color: #000000">Joining AH</span>

Axes High is actively recruiting and is currently open to anyone with no Firearms skills and does not have a record of PKing. All new members receive rigorous survival and tactics training at The Academy before receiving their first assignment. Apply on the Join Axes High thread! Be sure to include a link to your profile and your current location please.

<span-style="color: #000000">Important Events</span>

This information has been moved to the Axes High News page.

<span-style="color: #000000">Praise for Axes High, from our fellow survivours</span>

  • From the Nurses of the Malton Medical Staff:

"During the battle between St. Eth's Hospital (in Roftwood) and the RRF, I noticed a member from your group amongst the defenders. Thank you for your help in defending the hospital! The Hottest Nurses in Malton thank you and will have a signed calendar waiting for a representative of yours in better times (we're in exile right now). Thank you, again! xoxox" --Morgueasm

FiremanLarge copy.jpg

Tenk Died October 17, 2005) - Truely first among equals, whose call to arms we heard from far and wide.
Wild Fury (Died October 19, 2005) - Her actions were a shining beacon to us all.
Sleetch (Died October 26, 2005) - His dedication, courage and drive will be sorely missed.
MrWendel (Died October 31, 2005) - Heroes are defined by their actions, MrWendel was defined by his.
Full Charge (Died November 10, 2005) - Taken from us too soon, he was too beautiful for this world.
Palomies Jorma (Died February 6, 2006) - Many of us fell in Barrville on this fateful day. Sadly, Palomies did not rise from the ranks of the fallen. So now we rise and share his load.
NapoleonDynamite (Missing presumed dead April 2007) - He showed us the path to the light but fell along the way.
21Charlie (Died June 3, 2008) - Through brute force, brought Axes High up from the Ashes. A First Among Equals if I ever laid eyes upon one. Godspeed, to a great man.

Do not weep for those who lie still forever more; their actions in life guide us still and their sacrifice in death inspire us always.

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