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Archived de-jure documents of the unrecognized Azurian state, passed and affirmed by the leadership of the National Front for the Total Liberation of Azuria.

Constitution of Azuria

In humble submission to Almighty God,
Who controls the destinies of peoples and nations,
Who gathered our forebears together from many lands and gave them this their own,
Who has guided them from generation to generation,
Who has wondrously delivered them from the dangers that beset them,

We declare that we
are conscious of our responsibility towards God and man;
are convinced of the necessity of standing united and of pursuing the following national goals:
to uphold Christian values and civilized norms, with recognition and protection of freedom of faith and worship,
to safeguard the integrity and freedom of our country,
to uphold the independence of the judiciary and the equality of all under the law,
to secure the maintenance of law and order,
to further the contentment and the spiritual and material welfare of all,

to respect and to protect the human dignity, life, liberty and property of all in our midst,
to respect, to further and to protect the self-determination of population groups and peoples,
to further private initiative and effective competition;
are desirous of giving the reestablished PRINCIPALITY OF AZURIA A CONSTITUTION which provides for elected and responsible forms of government and which is best suited to the traditions, history and circumstances of our land:

We, the people of Azuria, do set forth in this constitution the supreme and sovereign laws of our nation to be enacted and enforced to the fullest extent in order to protect the rights and freedoms of the people.

Article I: Rights of an Azurian Citizen

A citizen of Azuria shall be defined as a person that shall be a resident of Azuria for and shall request citizenship rights. The resident shall then wait for their application to pend before citizenship is granted.

All citizens of Azuria shall be granted the following rights:

  • -The right to vote for People's Council representatives when an election is called for.
  • -The right to run for government position.
  • -The right to be eligible to be appointed as an ambassador if one is needed.
  • -The right to vote on repealing bills.
  • -The right to a fair trial.

In cases of banning or the revocation of citizenship, an individual shall be granted a public trial before the region.

A revocation of citizenship shall be enforced should a citizen commit a lesser OOC infraction, or in cases of In Character infractions, including but not limited to laws passed by the Azurian People's Council.

Azurians that do not wish to be citizens shall not be bound by this constitution and will retain complete sovereignty, with the acceptance of being barred from government positions. They may apply to be permanent residents of Azuria.

Article II: Elected Representatives

1) The People's Council:

The elected representatives of the People's Council, which serves as Azuria's only parliamentary body, shall be chosen by an election once every four weeks. All citizen may vote for up to two representatives they wish to see in office. The People's Council are able to propose and vote on bills, which are passed with a majority vote. Representatives that are inactive for a voting period (normally three days) will be counted as an "abstain" vote, in which they neither vote for nor against legislation. The People's Council, with necessary approval from the reigning monarch, shall be given the absolute power to declare war with a unanimous vote.

2) The Monarchy:

The head of the Azurian state shall be the reigning Prince.

  • (1) The command-in-chief of the Azurian military forces are vested in the reigning Prince.
  • (2) The Prince shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, have power-
    • (a) to address any assembly of the People's Council;
    • (b) to confer honours;
    • (c) to appoint and to accredit, to receive and to recognize ambassadors, plenipotentiaries, diplomatic representatives and other diplomatic officers, consuls and consular officers;
    • (d) to pardon or reprieve offenders, either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as he may deem fit, and to remit any fines, penalties or forfeitures;
    • (e) to enter into and ratify international conventions, treaties and agreements;
    • (f) to proclaim or terminate martial law;
    • (g) to declare war and make peace;
    • (h) to make such appointments as he may deem fit under powers conferred upon him by any law, and to exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be conferred upon or assigned to him in terms of this Act or any other law.

The entitled Prince of Azuria shall be given the power to veto legislation. He shall retain the power to break a tie in the case of an "abstain vote" resulting in a stalemate within the People's Council.

Formal Declaration of Independence

Whereas in the course of human affairs history has shown that it may become necessary for a people to resolve the political affiliations which have connected them with another people and to assume amongst other nations the separate and equal status to which they are entitled.

And Whereas in such an event a respect for the opinions of mankind requires them to declare to other nations the causes which impel them to assume full responsibility for their own affairs.

Now therefore, We, the People of Azuria, Do Hereby Declare:

THAT Azuria is in need of a a new order of its citizens to exercise the powers of self-government and become responsible for the progress, development, and welfare of their people;

THAT the people of Azuria, having demonstrated their loyalty to the cause of civilization and to their kith and kin elsewhere in Malton through years of war against the undead, and having been prepared to shed their blood and give of their substance in what they believed to be the mutual interests of freedom-loving people, now recognize the need for their own state.

THAT the people of Azuria have witnessed an onslaught which is destructive of those very precepts upon which civilization in a primitive country has been built, and they have seen the principles of Western democracy, responsible government, and moral standards crumble elsewhere, while nevertheless they have remained steadfast;

THAT the people of Azuria fully support and recognize the need for sovereign independence.

THAT in the belief that procrastination in this affair and delaying of the inevitable strike at and injure the very life of their suburb, the people of Azuria consider it essential that Azuria should attain, without delay, sovereign independence, the justice of which is beyond question.

NOW, Therefore, We The People of Azuria, in humble submission to any higher power which may control the destinies of nations, conscious that the people of Azuria have always shown unswerving loyalty and devotion to civilized Malton, and earnestly praying that we will not be hindered in our determination to continue exercising our undoubted right to demonstrate the same loyalty and devotion, and seeking to promote common good so that the dignity and freedom of all men may be assured, Do By This Proclamation, adopt, enact, and give to the people of Azuria the Constitution annexed hereto:

Given under our hand on the first day of June in the Year two thousand and eleven.

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