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The National Front for the Total Liberation of Azuria does not support Multi abuse or Zerging.

As a pragmatic people, we have recognized that Player Killing (PKing) against hostile or rival groups is sometimes necessary in the armed struggle to elevate Azuria to nationhood. However, PK'ing against individuals is absolutely prohibited and contrary to productiveness. His Most Serene Highness Prince Azure XI wishes to stress that designated tourist destinations within Azuria's traditional boundaries are to be free of any such practices. Any nonresident or noncitizen PK'er who openly commits murder in these locations are to be marked as enemies of the state.

The undead are not permitted to become citizens of Azuria and are, at all, times, considered enemies of the state. Survivors with the "brain rot" ability are allowed to become citizens, but we would strongly encourage them to register an alternate account with us instead. Zombie Killing (ZKing) is a practice endorsed by the current reigning monarch.

Citizens and Residents

Basic citizenship rights are granted to those who have successfully petitioned for Azurian nationality; they will be permitted the honor of wearing our group tag. However, there is also a category for "permanent/honorary residents" of Azuria who will not be the target of any offensive operation. All they must do is apply for residential status on our forums or talk page.

Those classified as Azurian residents will be marked on every citizen's contact list, and will be aided in their time of need. However, survivors with residential status are not required to carry our group tag on their profiles.

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