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Tourism has been identified as a key economic sector for Nixbank, with a great potential for future growth. The National Front for the Liberation of Azuria welcomes tourists to Nixbank, and wishes to showcase some of our own heritage sites and attractions.


The Principality of Azuria was a former Romano-Celtic kingdom with a rich history in Wykewood and Nixbank. A unique trait of Azuria was its Brythonic-speaking population, a linguistic minority whose descendants remain largely concentrated around the latter to this day.

In AD 425, over a decade after the Romans withdrew from their British provinces, a nobleman from Hen Ogledd, Azure, established a major fiefdom in present-day Malton and consolidated many of the local peoples under his rule. His fairly obscure wife, Sharon, was interred underneath what is now Page Plaza following her death in 439; what we know about Azure's early reign is largely derived from inscriptions recovered from her gravestone.

Azure had proclaimed the Azurian dynasty in 432 and increased legitimacy for his claims after turning back numerous Pictish incursions. When Anglo-Saxon forces founded a colony at nearby Foulkes Village, later Azurian princes battled what they termed a "invasion" of their traditional lands by the pagan hordes.

After a bitter series of conflicts for survival, the Principality of Azuria disappeared sometime in the late 700's. It was first reduced to vassaldom and then subjected by the Kingdom of Mercia around this time. By 804, Azuria as a sovereign state had ceased to exist entirely.

Historic Locations

Some attractions in old Azuria are:

  • Harvey Lane - Site of the Harvey Gardens, which served as a great inspiration for an unidentified Azurian author of Irish descent in 799. His works have been painstakingly translated and collected into "A Heart Imprisoned", first published November 1912.

  • Grinstead Drive - Originally, Grinstead Drive was known as Grimstead Drive, which in turn was named for the old Grimstead Village which used to stand on the site. Two famous battles were fought here between Prince Azure VIII and pagan Saxons from Foulkes Village during the 600's.

  • Club Shelley - Founded as Club Layton in the 1920's, this once-majestic example of modern architecture was initially owned by the former Azure royals. "Shelley" was believed to have been a nickname the club's manager gave to his wife, Shelby, who suffered from a larynx disorder and rarely spoke with excessiveness.

  • Meloney Square Railway Station - Meloney Square was where an infamous Roman pirate, Meroney, spent his final days in exile after pillaging the North Sea for several years. His descendants, who have since adopted the name "Meloney" to avoid the negative association still held with his notorious past, donated the funds to build this station-house.

  • Brandon Way Police Department - The Brandon Way Police Department was structured around the old McNeil abbey, later the Bohann estate in the 1700's. McNeil Abbey was where Prince Azure III was coronated in 451. His ceremony was performed with much secrecy, as many of his loyalists feared that his scheming general Justinian, the Italian captain of the guard, intended to overthrow the young monarch that year.

  • Lindsey Lane Fire Station - Lindsey Lane Fire Station was dedicated to the memory of two Azurian children, whom, according to tradition, perished in a terrible fire at the site. The first was referenced only by her Christian name, Lindsey, while the second was the daughter of a local aristocrat whose coat-of-arms bore the name "Leign", or Lane.

  • Page Plaza Police Department - Considered an almost sacred site by most FTLA nationalists, Page Plaza was where the first solid Azurian archeological findings were made. It is here that Prince Azure, founder of the Azure dynasty, was believed to have interred the remains of his wife following her unexpected death by illness in 438. The cracked stumps of ancient stone pillars which still dominate the presently decommissioned police station's grounds were once sections of a monument in her honor.

Southwestern Nixbank is a popular site for many visitors and provides a majestic backdrop to the vibrant and friendly suburb. Christopher Lane (alternatively Bernacki Lane), part of the Azure Park, offers many drives, walks, picnic spots and a licensed restaurant. Superb accommodation may be found in the shuttered Page Plaza Police Department, located nearby.

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