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B.O.Z.E. or Beat On Zombies Everyday is a new group just recently founded in Malton, located in the Eastonwood suburb. So far the membership of the group is believe to be only around one or three members. The group is made up of rookie renegade scientist from the NecroTech organization. Their main ways of recruting members is by either graffiti or radio. The group's president is Lyle Landly.

Beat On Zombies Everyday
Abbreviation: B.O.Z.E.
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Lyle Landly
Goals: To survive and seek revenge on the Military and local Cop who ignored the threat that is the undead...and zombies.
Recruitment Policy: Either tag a military building or police station with the words "BOZE" or kill a Corpse. Being apart of NecroTech is a plus in being apart of this group.
Contact: Klapz13@yahoo.com


B.O.Z.E. is attempting to be one of many highly organized groups in Malton, with an strict hiearchy. As stated below, there can be only one President and one Vice President. But there can be three Treasures and at least Five Bishops who can all move up and down in the rankings.

President (Is in charge of the whole group, however is replaceable when he is turned into a zombie; the VP moves to take place)

Vice President

Treasure (Is in charge of raids, and gathering of resources)

Bishop (Is in charge of picking out good recruits, and letting them into the group)


Crash Dummy (goes on dangerous missions for the group, in order to become a member)

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