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Member Name Assignment Date Joined
trb3h7 Puking in the toilets at The Burchell Arms August 2006
McDeade Disorderly and drunk atThe Burchell Arms August 2006
hector malo Racking up drinks at The Burchell Arms April 2007
Mortenmensch Drunk on duty? Why yes sir! It's The Burchell Arms Way! July 2007
Jesus Sante Dishing out margeritas like they're going out of fashion at The Burchell Arms July 2008
LSvlad As mad as a monkey with a baseball bat, but the The Burchell Arms favourite eight-ball. August 2008
father o keefe The trouserless chief ofThe Revive Corps January 2010
Todd Rommellski Holder of The Burchell Arms award for malt-whisky snorting. January 2010
tyx94 The man who madeThe Knight Watchmen so feared. March 2010
billy gene Shouting at tramps outside of The Burchell Arms April 2010
Johnny Darque Setting up the moonshine still at The Burchell Arms May 2010
pintofvodka Drinking pints of hard liquor at The Burchell Arms June 2010
Officer Sheaffer Holding his clapper-board forThe Burchell Newscast Team (Radiomen) September 2010
Winter Gale Drunk under a table at The Burchell Arms October 2010
Danger Lightfoot Violent nutcase in charge ofThe Knight Watchmen December 2010
Rockefella Plaza Dashingly handsome and a member of The Revive Corps December 2010
Syzpid With a big haircut and shiny teeth, he's the head ofThe Burchell Newscast Team (Radiomen) February 2011
Rebecca Sensecal The Resident Doctor fromThe Revive Corps May 2011
Dani Do Kicking butt and making cocktails at The Burchell Arms May 2011
Dr Walter Guedner Jabbing the lifeless forThe Revive Corps May 2011
Marlo Bean Doing a yard of ale at The Burchell Arms June 2011
GoldenBanana Gi'ing the bad guys laldy for The Knight Watchmen June 2011
Ed Zeplin Breaking hearts and heads for The Knight Watchmen August 2011
TedBundy187 Boozed up and grooving at The Burchell Arms September 2011
Cabbie Sam Kicking arse for The Knight Watchmen November 2011
Victor Dracul Setting up an insurance scam atThe Burchell Arms November 2011
Konig Ludwig Schloss Trying to initiate a bierkeller at The Burchell Arms December 2011
BBC Camera Man Drunk in a sticky pool of stale beer at The Burchell Arms December 2011
Zabuden Bringing booze to the lifeless as a member of The Revive Corps January 2012
mikey77uk Making The Burchell Arms a nicer place January 2012
Milo1228 Sitting in the corner playing his guitar drunkenly at The Burchell Arms January 2012
Mycrof Pouring draft beer direct into his gob at The Burchell Arms January 2012
X John Holmes X Waggling his enormous dongle at The Burchell Arms January 2012
Christoph dines Munching on the crisps atThe Burchell Arms February 2012
Dominick Aldaine Can be found injecting vodka into his eyeball at The Burchell Arms March 2012
Markus Andrews Gargling neat vodka atThe Burchell Arms March 2012
Badquack Enjoying the hospitality at The Burchell Arms March 2012
Klausen propping up the bar atThe Burchell Arms May 2012
Virgil Hughes He's eaten all the dry roasted nuts at The Burchell Arms June 2012
a dirty old hobo makingThe Burchell Arms smell slightly funnier than normal June 2012
DenTommes Making her way through a bottle of scotch at The Burchell Arms June 2012
nihilas Lounging around at The Burchell Arms July 2012
Alice Gravesend Whupping the ass of any zergers for The Knight Watchmen July 2012

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