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Amazing,Written by Jake, edited by Harvey Levin

A courageous fort defender tells the BBC his experience as the last Survivor of Fort Creedy. Against many odds he survived, fought, and escaped. Here’s the story in his own words.

“When I was in Fort Creedy, I didn't think the zombies could win against such numbers. I had been there for a week. I think I was the last 82nd airborne member still in the fort. Finally when the zombies attacked, they bit, mauled, and feasted on every survivor. I had somehow managed to survive, by logging in at just the perfect moment. A zombie and his buddy had just finished killing some poor inexperienced survivor moments before. They had already given me an infection and I had no idea they were still active. I shot one. I shot him again, and then he attacked me. I freaked out and left as fast as my internet connection could take me. I was below 15 HP and fading. I consulted my good buddy, the UD map and went to St. Lawrence’s general hospital. It was ruined. I didn't care. I searched 4 times and finally found myself a med kit. After healing myself, I moved far away to safety and went to go change my pants.”