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Interview with Alpharius of the Gibsonton Nationals & the Gibsonton Pact

By Les Nessman, BBC Reporter

First off, I'd like to appologize to both the readers of the BBC & Alpharius for the shortness of this interview. I've got much more to add to this article but constraints on my time have caused me to keep this short & sweet. More will come later on this topic.

1. Of all the suburbs, why did you choose Gibsonton to set up shop in?

A: When I first started out I had strong ties to Gibsonton. I fought the Imperium up until a very short time ago, which at first made me have some second thoughts about setting up here. Eventually I decided that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Gibsontowners are tough. They’ve had their fair share of fighting, and they are prepared for change. I wouldn’t have picked any other suburb.

2. How is this Alliance going? How many members strong is it right now & is it showing any signs of getting stronger.

A: The Alliance, which is now actually under the name of The Gibsonton Pact, is off to a good start I think. We have a few of the major Gibsonton groups signed on, and are currently setting up a system of command. A major disappointment was the rejection of the largest group, the Winchester Boyz, but I don’t they are much of a threat, and I don’t think they will cause any problems in the long run. If they don’t want to be part of the future they can be left in the dust.

3. Much has been made of the fact that members of the GN are alts of PKers. How did this group come together and what has been the reaction of other PKers within the game?

A:The reaction has been extremely positive for the most part, and not for the mass murder reasons that the D.E.M. would have you believe. Most pkers are more than familiar with the methods and character of the D.E.M. and are thus more than happy to see them stood against by non-pkers.

4. I've read alot about your group recently & it appears that the mission statement of your group is built around the concept of fair play. Your group has made many mentions of being anti-zerging, anti-bot, anti-hacking & anti-forum spying. I'm actually inclined to agree with your group on all of these points. But why is it that you feel that the DEM is the root of all these "evils"?

A: I just want to make it clear that the D.E.M. is NOT the only target of the GN or the GP. We plan to stamp out any source that uses any of these tools of cheating. We also plan on putting a stop to random murder and Imperialism within our territories. We believe that if all groups are united under one banner equally, then it is harder for larger groups to oppress the smaller groups among us. This problem is one I have seen in more places than just Gibsonton and has to be stopped if Malton as a whole will prosper in the future.

5. A minor objection you all have is the use of the Rogues Gallery & DEMon. Can you elaborate on this please? Do you also feel as strongly about the Rezens' PKer list?

A: We feel that, even though they repeatedly say they are unaffiliated, the RG is too close to the DEM for comfort. It has been the tool with which they have oppressed the people of Gibsonton, and Malton as a hole, for too long. It’s time to get rid of these tools of mass murder and put the power of judgment back into the hands of the people. The DEMon, if not technically, is practically the most widespread tool cheating in the game, along the same lines as the DEM’s “three-character” policy. That’s all I have to say about that.

6. Do you feel that Gibsonton has remained a safe since your recent formation of the Alliance? I'm aware that part of the Big Bash is in the area but do you feel that your presence has made a difference?

A: I do think that we have made a difference. Although the Winchesters will be quick to tell you that the entire suburb was saved singlehandedly by them, I think that you will find from eyewitnesses that we contributed majorly to the retaking effort. While they were squandering their time trying to save a NT on the edge of the burb, we were securing the center Ducat Pocket, which contains NT’s, hospitals and the PD. We have also been very active in healing and reviving.

7. Can there ever be a day when you can see The Gibsonton Alliance & the DEM working together to achieve a common goal?

A: No. We want nothing to do with that sort of attitude or play. Gibsonton Resists!

--Les Nessman BBC 17:33, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

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