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DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the BBC

Talking to the Shadows


BBC Photojournalist Normal Phobic recently sat down with Malton Mob leader, Mr. Shadows. One of the oldest contract killing group, and a member of both the PKA and The Malton Crime Syndicate. You may heard of their hangout, Club Cummings, or of the former Malton Mafia. Do they deserve your respect? You decide.

NP: So tell me about the Malton Mob

MS: The Malton Mob is a Mafia based organization which formed in July 2006. We perform or should I say Performed Contract Killing and protection runs. We are the oldest group still doing it and I think we may have been the first. When we started out we didn't get much business until we assassinated all the MCDU officers and several other DEM ones in Tollyton during an operation of theirs in September 2006. Things slowly built up and then around November we had 10 or so members. At the time we never really pk'd anyone in the suburb, every now and then killing DEM in it. Then we staged the Christmas Uprising, it was to free shackelville from DEM suppression. Several other pker groups were involved from the PKA. Dozens were killed with strike teams coming from the CDF, DEM and other bounty hunting groups. It ended in early January 07. Thing picked up from the Mob through out '07. We had around 28 members and a stronghold on Shackelville. We wouldn't kill people in the suburb as we called it home.We had control of all the Clubs, with two in each one and then most of us in Cummings and had plans to move into Kersly Mansion in Stanbury. But things went really slow and I guess people got bored of UD. Most of our members stopped playing entirely as at the time there wasn't anything happening in the game, only a few, which surprised me, changed groups.Then around the last few months things were pretty stagnant, there's only 5 of us staying around Cummings, we ceased doing Contract Killing which was fun at the time but even though we have more when we originally started CKing I guess we couldn't be bothered at this stage and RHA dose a excellent job.

NP: The original Malton Mafia disbanded, and most of the members more inclined to murder decided to join you. Why did the Malton Mafia disband?

MS: When I first contacted the Mafia in July '06 they had only a few active members. After a while since their Don was inactive with most members missing they elected a Scott Segal as Don. Then when we formed the Malton Crime Syndicate they joined and remained a separate entity from the Mob but still very much active and running their Bistro. We would frequently visit each other in game and had a radio link set up. But then again the Mafia went mostly inactive. Don Segal had some RL issues and couldn't come on for a few months and there were only 3 Mafia left so I offered them a position in the Mob. They happily accepted and the Mafia went Historical.

NP: What is your opinion on The Sun Organization? How do you feel about Red Rum? Which Pker group, do you have the most respect for? Which non-crime based survivor group would you defend should something happen to them? Are there any vendettas on any zombie hoards?

MS: TSO who are now the Rising Sun, well, they've seen better days like us. Rum I have mixed feelings about, it seems to have most of Malton's Low life((not the good pking kind)) and idiots, don't get me wrong, they do have some good people but they have a tendencies to over used Trenchcoater for reasons which are nothing like your average Trenchie. Which pking group do I have most respect for? I dunno hard to say... CGR maybe , or The P knights, hell there are a lot. As for a pro survivor, I'd have to Say Fortress, not that they would need the help but they helped us a lot when starting up. As for the Vendetta against a zed group, well I don't hate any of them, the closest would probably be the Militant Order of Barhah, but only because of its leader Jorm. A few months ago he acted over dramatic when I tried to get Mob to be an aberrations on the wiki, since I did that he stalked me on the wiki for a few months changing things to suit him.

NP: Would you like to see more people in the Mob?

MS: Yes and No. While I would love to see the Mob regain to its former self I've been planning to retire my UD character and the Mob for some time yet every time I plan to do so something happens which pulls me back into the game. If people wished to join I'd be Happy to let them in, If we gained numbers I have some excellent plans and ideas but alas it is more than Lily not going to happen

NP: Are there any groups that you would refuse to aid?

MS: CDF,'Sards and RCDC

NP: Honestly, who is more active? You, The Sun Organization, or The Penguin Mafia?

MS: The Penguin Mafia, on several occasions that I've visited them they were very much active.

NP: How do you feel about post-outbreak cops, also known as bounty hunters? Making you more inclined to violence?

MS: Well it honestly depends on who you are dealing with. Some I do not mind, but then there are the few which take things personal and attempt to hunt you down for a long time, also known as griefing, but generally not applied to BHers as they are the "good guys" which honestly again depends on the person in question.

NP: Speaking of kills, you must have quite a record. Or do you prefer leaving that to the Consigliere(s), Caporegime(s) and soldiers?

MS: Before I would leave most of the dirty work to my Hit men when we were more active, I would have rarely left the Club. My bounty in total is 79 but if it included the kills which I am responsible for which I sent Hitmen and Soldiers((Henchmen as most know them as)) it would be in the well into the 100's. The Capo's, Underbosss and I would handle the organizing of the contracts, Shackelville affairs and anything else really, just general planing and organizing but over the past months I have been pking more and more, dont get me wrong, I was actively in pking in early '07 and mid and late '06 but Not so as much as I did later on. I do go hunting more than I used to now and would kill any unwanted in Shackelville. Unwanted would be Bhers, Enemies, etc more than I would have before.

NP: With one word, describe the following

1. PKA - 2. Bounty Hunters - 3. Club Cummings - 4. Zombies - 5. Fort Creedy - 6. Trenchcoaters - 7. Suits 'n Ties - .



Bounty Hunters- Un-needed

Club Cummings- Home

Zombies- Fun

Fort Creedy- Trenchie

Trenchcoaters- Overused

Suits 'n Ties - Contract

10: Thank you for your time Mr. Shadows and good luck to you and the fellas.

No problem, thanks for the offer

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