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DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the BBC

The Woodroffe Massacre

Written by--Normal PhobicC 17:52, 18 January 2008 (UTC)

Interview was in game

After giving up on getting a scoop in Baghdad Al-Jadida, I got a call from the BBC about an alleged PKer take over in Woodroffe Mall. I rose to the call and ran 4 suburbs and only just entered the Mall. Blood was splattered everywhere, I entered corner to gun shots coming from a store. Expecting to find a group of bounty hunters laughing over Pker corpses, I was wrong. I entered the store as the final survivors died. Rajko whipped around, gun raised and looked at me. Glancing at my camera and press pass, he realised I was the reporter sent by the BBC. I grabbed a few chairs and set them down in the open. The following is the interview comprised by the individuals responsible for this massacre.

Normal Phobic: "So, how did you decide to hold this corner of the mall (NW, Woodroffe Mall)? How did you pull it off?"

Rajko: "Well Mr. Phobic, we never actually intended to hold this corner... The Sociopath Apostles mearly conducted a strike here and easily managed to clear this corner, so we decided to sleep here with the full intention of waking up dead the next morning... But yet we did not, in fact we killed everything and for 4 days we went without being killed at all....and then of course the CK who we have diplomatic ties with stoped by every now and again to 'help' out, and now they are 'partying' with us in this corner, if some one comes in and they are not a fellow Pker (or a reporter Rajko added with a small grim smile ) they get killed, so we are planning on staying here a little while longer and will continue to clear this corner of non-Pker SCUM, any other questions Mr. Phobic ?"

Normal Phobic: "Why yes, I do have more questions. How have you been able to hold the corner for 4 days without the other corners coming in and trying to kill you? By staying silent? By killing people in other corners to throw them off?"

Unhappydisgustingwow: "You're welcome, Rajko. Good to see the Apostles here and doing such a fine job on this corner. As far as your question goes, Normal Phobic, I think that psychology may play a part in this. It's easy to pick off a PKer or two, but to actually clear a corner of them takes heavy co-ordination and makes the people responsible immediate targets. Think about it: Would you like to be the guy who has two full PKer groups after you specifically. The reality is that unless they come mob-handed they will......Only get a few of us, which will leave a hefty number of PKers immeditately seeking revenge for our comrades."

Waisuguya: "Why we hang out here? For the same reason the chicken crossed the road. Because there might be something edible on the other side"

Rajko: "As Unhappydisgustingwow , the only reason that I believe other corners have not come here and try to force us out is out of fear, we kill everyone that comes here, simple as that, we have also killed a few others in the other corners as well, but we have not seen any retaliation from that either, and now with th CK coming and helping us out we can hold this place for as long as we want, we will ot hold it indefintly seen as we have somthing 'hush hush' coming soon. And trust me we don't stay silent..."

Normal Phobic: "What are your favorite weapon loadout to use? How many Shotguns, pistols, FAK's, knives... mobile phones?"

Rajko: "As for me & the Apostles load out for that matter, we have a 'Maximum Damage' load out for strikes that are only useful for on time load outs, obviously consisting of a large amount of shotguns but also the right amount of pistols, but under these... Conditions I am carrying a few needles, a knife, a Flak, 3 FAKs and the rest is an equal split of Shotguns and pistols, but in these conditions all of the Apostles inventory varies due to personal preferences."

Normal Phobic: "Would you ever consider doing this again? How long to you want hold the corner? As long as possible? Take solice in the fact that this arctical won't reach the public untill this is all over."

Rajko: "As for considering do this again i don't see why not, weve shown how a bunch of organised, prepared can easily take a corner and hold it for a long period of time. The survivors can come and try to take it back but , we will decide when they can have it back.....not them......."

Normal Phobic: "You guys have been very helpfull. So, when was your group formed? Who here has the highest kill count? Do you (Columbine kids and Apostles) make witty comments as you gun down people?"

Unhappydisgustingwow: "As far as witty comments go, I generally don't speak often in game, but most of the rest of the team do. My wit is usually combined to the forum because it doesn't cost AP there. Today I have some AP going spare, so I'm chatty. For weapons I take whatever the RNG throws at me, unless I'm lining up a big score, in which case I use what I call the Optimum Load, of 12 fully-loaded shotguns and four Fully-Loaded pistols. Most of the Kids maintain a comprehensive kill list and of our team I'm the 'top gun'."

Unhappydisgustingwow: "My frugal AP usage and usual silence probably help that, along with the fact that the only guys in the team with more PKing experience than I (alt-wise) have not been in the team as long as I have. But i never make comment on my kills unless it is a revenge kill(it pisses them off more that way)."

Rajko: "So is this an interview or a news article? any way onto your questions, I belive I formed the Apostles in late July of 2007, but it has only been more recent that we have become what we are today, as for the highest kill count I'm not sure about that one.."

Normal Phobic: "These questions will be an interview, and on the news box, however, I will be here taking photo's of this thing 'till the end, and will be writing a news story if I get information such as when the strike took place, when the last person was killed, ect. Also, have the Apostles done this kind of thing before?"

Unhappydisgustingwow: "Nope, this is the first time we've done somthing like this"

Unfortunately, some gunfire broke out at this time, and the interview was un-officially ended. However, I have gleaned these basic facts

January 8th

Unknown time

Entire corner wiped out, 15-30 people at most

January 18th, I couldn't see most of them

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