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THE DAY THE LOVE DIED, The Associated Press. Guest Writer.

Once again, Feb 14 is the day the love died in Malton. At St. Luke's Parrish, located in the suburb of Brooke Hills, many of Malton's finest were gathered to celebrate a wedding, now a rare occurance in the quarantined city. But when it appeared the loving couple were going to say "I DO", some uninvited guests and their friends raised an objection! It was pandemonium as a Pker emerged from the wedding cake, guns blazing. The doors were kicked down. Those not invited to the wedding came in. It wasn't long before the Marshals in attendance and the party crashers began exchanging bullets. Lives on both sides were forfeit. In the crossfire, many innocent lives were lost. The white dress of Melodie Arachne became stained in the blood of her slain groom. The walls, stained dark red, became testaments to the bloody fighting. Heroes and scoundrels alike fell to the ground, reduced to blood soaked sausages of inhumanity. It was not long before they gave their own selves to the ranks of the undead...

Various accounts of the incident: