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BLADES IS WATCHIN' is a graffiti tag seen throughout Malton. Similar to STREETS IS WATCHIN' and I SEE YOU, CHOCOLATE MAN!. Whether it is related, is unknown.

An example of the graffiti around Malton.

Background Information

Admittedly a while after the STREETS IS WATCHIN' phenomena, BLADES IS WATCHIN' was adopted by the motorcycle raider known as Blades and his (albeit small) group, The Raiders as their key phrase to spraypaint.

Another example of the graffiti, this time found in Shearbank.

Possible Meanings

It has often been interpreted as a threat to people in the area. However, it's usually just to let citizens in the vicinity of the areas it is found know that Blades and/or his group are watching and are keeping an eye on the area.

Other Possibilities

It's possible that somebody else is doing it just for the fun of it. Not Blades or his group. Especially likely if they're not in the area. Blades doesn't care, in fact it amuses him. He doesn't even mind if you copy or spray the tag everywhere.

Another popular theory is that being a raider, Blades takes anything he pleases, even if that means others' catchphrases. When personally asked about this, he just grins, pulls out his switchblade comb, and combs his mustache.

Blades' reaction when asked whether he stole the catchphrase or not.

Variations and Parodies

Just like Streets, Blades seems to have inspired other vandals to copy, change or otherwise parody the graffiti in Malton. (Any parodies/variations found should be preserved below).

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