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Welcome to the UDwiki page for the Bra!nz Liberation Front of the Militant Order of Barhah!

Who we are and what we do

The BLF is an advance reconnaissance en force element of the larger MOB strike teams. It is comprised of MOB zealots that log into IRC at a predetermined time in order to perform coordinated attacks on buildings of interest to MOB in real time. We frequently have visiting ferals (zombies that have no group affiliation) as well as zeds from other groups that might be at the right place and time to strike with us. MOB is a welcoming group of aggressive, and highly motivated MMORPG players, and if you have had the chance to interact with us, you would know why. BLF is relatively small by MOB standards, but we pack a big punch, since we frequently target strategic points that need to be hit to weaken suburb infrastructure.

We are led by Mo and Akbar. Although our strikes can sometimes become quite intense, particularly for our newer babahs, our leaders do a great job at keeping us all cool and focused on the objective. On a typical night, we will convene a few minutes before midnight, GMT (time zone converter), and then announce our target. We usually shamble over to the target and quietly await the order to attack the barricades. Once the barricades are open, we choose our targets, and get to work, weakening survivors - harmanz - in order to drag them out or feed them to our babahs. So if you know we are close by, and hear groans at around midnight, or see a group of zombies rapidly converging on a building, it just might be us.

We love knocking down EHB barricades, and rejoice when zombies of all affiliations join us. We want to help MOB spread Barhah to all in Malton, and implement Jorm's policy of "Kill them all". If you want to have fun in Urban Dead, like to kill a maximum number of players in the shortest time possible, and like to chat with mature individuals (most of our membership is at least over 18, some in their 20s and 30s, and a couple in their 40s) consider trying the next step and join us on IRC, and you will really be able to see what this game has to offer.

Where to find us

You can follow the MOB Locator to get a general area where we are operating, but if you sign up to read our forum, we can guide you through the process of logging into our IRC channel.

What is that gibberish the zombie is saying?

We use a variety of methods to communicate with our fellow players on urban dead, so be on the lookout for our rattles. Sometimes it is a garbled form of English with clever substitutions, other times it may be a JavaScript that allows translation of English to something zombies can say under current rules. More information on this here.

One last little tiny thing

BLF is an extension of the Militant Order of Barhah, and as such follow the same rules that MOB plays by. We endorse competitiveness, but hold ourselves to a high standard of gamesmanship, and always play by the rules. We do not condone zerging or alt abuse, so don't do it. If you are unsure as to what may constitute alt abuse, please check with the strike coordinator. We don't condone spying, so if you have an alt in another group (many of us do) - please do not share any sensitive info with us. Finally, we like to have mature chat on IRC, and will not tolerate rude behavior, so if you must "have it out" with another individual, please take it elsewhere. That is all.

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