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Abbreviation: BRO
Group Numbers: 0
Leadership: Brostar
Goals: Shootan, Dyan, Revifificationan and BROFISTAN
Recruitment Policy: Goons, /v/irgins, etc, etc.

The BROFISTS are a pro-fascism group, beating down zombies, humans and tagging inappropriatley. BROs don't care who they attack, if they find a building they want to cade, they will kill anything in it and cade it. Although we don't attack agressively, if you are in our way we will kill you.


The BRO are generally alright, but they have their faults as they don't care for humans and worship melee weapons and shotguns feverishly.

They believe that eradication of the unfaithful presents the only chance for final victory over the zombie hordes. To that end, the BRO takes particular interest in the defense of Forts and Malls

Unlike their retarded /b/retheren, BRO members are not interested in justice for the obviously weaker and less fortunate around them. Their motives are often unclear, and BRO are not people to be trifled with. Remember, Shootan, Dyan, Revification and BROFISTAN




Fucking join.

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