Big Survivors Little Survivor

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Big Survivors Little Survivor
Abbreviation: BSLS
Group Numbers: Only Dermot Remains.
Leadership: : Dermot O'Leary
Goals: Informed topical debate/Survival.
Recruitment: Always OPEN, anyone who has an opinion can join!
Contact: the wiki page. and on the forum

Just when he thought he escaped...

...reality television it drags him back in.

But Dermot O'Leary's had enough.

He knows through both phones ins and the advice of such celebrities as Howard from the Halifax and (after the most bizarre press conference in HISTORY) Michael Jackson that the zombie outbreak is all his fault.

Shouldering his axe from his fireman days (Entirely true) he's trying to set up rallying points for survivors.

He's trying to make sure you're not the next one Voted Out.

Current Aims

As noted everyone the BSLS are no more.

Current Tactics.

Don't Forget

  • Toolbox.
  • Millions of Faks.

Its all you need.




That's fine. Just leave any questions or messages in our diary room.