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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Back On Strike
Abbreviation: BOS (or SOS, "Still On Strike")
Group Numbers: None. Historical group.
Leadership: Nod, until someone cares more
Goals: Stand around in Whetcombe Park until Urban Dead feels like a zombie game.
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who feels no fear as a human, those seeking an asymmetric gameplay experience, and those who have done everything but are bored with metagaming.
Contact: none

As the only standing Zombie(s) remaining in Whetcombe Park, I hereby declare On Strike to be dead and over. Everyone in the On Strike group is not. --Nod 04:18, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Players who have listed this as their group have gone Back On Strike from Urban Dead in 2006 because they feel Kevan's modifications in December 2005 responding to On Strike didn't address the basic Zombie-Human balance issues in the game.

Historical Significance Section

As of May 2006, with Zombies trashing every building within ten blocks of Whetcombe Park, Back On Strike is dead and over. Back On Strike is now a minor historical event and is no longer an active group. The strike's key objective, an equal survivor:zombie ratio, has been achieved. As evidence of zombie successes, more than half of the Suburbs in Malton are considered Dangerous, and about 15% are Very Dangerous -- essentially zombie-controlled. Players who still believe that Urban Dead remains seriously imbalanced in favor of survivors should form another group. Call yourself "Strike 3: The Final Outing" or something.

Goal of Back On Strike

[This statement pre-dates the Syringe cost increase from 1AP to 10AP, as well as a number of other Zombie improvements, and subsequent drop in survivor:zombie ratio. At the time Back On Strike was initiated, survivor:zombie ratio ranged as high as 70:30.]

The Back On Strike manifesto is roughly this: As long as there are more humans than zombies, this zombie game just plain doesn't make sense.

Throughout January, more than 66% of the active characters in Urban Dead were survivors. As you wander the game, you encounter twice as many humans as zombies. Some outlying suburbs of Malton are essentially zombie-free. Zombie movie: human flees from endless masses of shambling zombies and escapes into tenuous safehouse with a few other terrified survivors. Malton: after spending three days gathering up first-aid kits, cellphones, and shotgun shells in an extremely heavily barricaded safehouse, a group of fifty humans emerges to shotgun and fireaxe random zombies, if only they could find them.

We applaud Kevan's modifications to the zombie class that make zombies more fun to play, and it is our hope that eventually active zombies will outnumber active human survivors.

Back On Strike's Membership

The group, in addition to a few in-game strikers, claims a small unknown but significant percentage of the three hundred fifty thousand characters that have left this game (Total Characters - Active Characters) - those few that might come back if this were an actual zombie-town scenario.

Back On Strike's Activities

The actions of Back On Strike are relatively boring and innocuous, mainly consisting of shambling around Whetcombe Park, going idle, and maintaining this wiki page.

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