Backstreet Heros

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Backstreet Heroes

Backstreet Heroes
Abbreviation: BH
Group Numbers: i do not know, only just starting up
Leadership: spotty435, some1random
Goals: defeating the zombie horde
Recruitment Policy: recruiting anyone who wishes to join
Contact: ingame at Teek Boulevard PD or on the discussion page

The Backstreet Heros are a very new group based out of Shore Hills. currently they have not had the chance to start operating in the area but are now recruiting from the immediate area in Shore Hills, namely the Teek Boulevard Police Department.

Hello spotty435 here, i have now left Teek Boulevard Police Department and are holed up in a junkyard some where some1random if you are ready this meet me in the most bottom left hand corner of the map- spotty out.. good luck my friends...

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