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The Banana Rammarz are a group dedicated to the holy practice of Ramming one's Zamba Banana. Members of this group may do whatever they want; Revive, PK, Destroy, Run around as a zombie, hunt zombies, etc. If you're worried about your rep then I advise you not to join. Absolutely no other criteria is required.

General Rules

Rules are something that are not big among Banana Rammarz but here are some that should be generally understood: - Don't kill other Rammarz (Unless they are a trencher) - If you are inside the Stuart Building (Banana Rammarz HQ), maintain Cades, Fuel, and try not to blow anything up - when called to arms on Slama-Ram Radio (27.89 MHz), return to HQ if possible and help defen

Banana Rammarz
Abbreviation: We ain't got none
Group Numbers: Estimated: 2
Leadership: Iplaywithmyfood(Founder) mooseranger(Captain of Silliness)
Goals: Ram your zamba banana
Recruitment Policy: Anyone
Contact: 555-7267 (555-RAMR)

Membership Roster Simply for keeping track of new members: if you join, please add your name to the list. Place an underscore after your username as to avoid confusion.

iplaywithmyfood_ mooseranger_

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