Bannerman's Island Preserve

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Bannerman's Island Preserve
Group Numbers: very few
Leadership: DKB
Goals: To find an island and inhabit it. Otherwise to help the living against the undead.
Recruitment Policy: Just add to your profile.
Contact: Not required


Bannerman's Island Preserve hopes to relocate to a suitable island such as the Bannerman's Island along the Hudson River, away from the zombies. Boats will be required to make trips to gain supplies and to find food to supplement fishing.


After watching too many late night movies, a conversation about what to do if the dead rose from the graves resulted in a plan to start tribal justice on an island. Who knew these were actually plans?


  • Search for islands.
  • Kill zombies.
  • Help out survivors.

Current Status

All members are information gathering, trying to find islands. No luck yet.

Join the movement

Join the movement to a safe island on the Hudson River. All we have to do is find a way to get there. Until then, kill the zombies and heal the living.

Join the hunt for Bannerman's Island Preserve!

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