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The Burchell Arms, Rolt Heights

September 14th, 2006

The following details a bar fight that broke out between the Minions of the Apocalypse and The Burchell Arms Regulars. This account was pieced together from various witnesses to the attack, its victims, and most importantly the zombies themselves (if NecroTech had to explain "how", they would have to kill you). Please note that these events are from the standpoint of Keith Moon, leader of the Minions:

  • You heard a loud and familiar groaning from very close by. (2 seconds ago)

You say "M!N!ANZ!!! GRAB an MA!M!!!"

  • A zombie said "M!N!ANZ!!! MMmm Harmbargarz!!" (10 seconds ago)
  • A zombie said "Harh Harh M!N!ANZ! Ahrh harmanz gabban ab braaanz azzah!? Azzanahn harmanz ahrh ganna b nah mahrh!" (1 minute ago)
  • A zombie said "B Zambah!!! B Zambahz Harmanz!!! B M!N!ANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (32 seconds ago)
  • Jim Phil attacked you for 3 damage. (15 seconds ago) (They're still here.)

Gripping Jim Phil by the shoulders, you crush them for 3 damage. They drop to 8 HP.

  • Jim Phil said "Douchebag." (2 seconds ago)

You maul Jim Phil for 3 damage, and grab hold of them. They drop to 5 HP.

  • A zombie killed Jim Phil. (2 seconds ago)
  • A zombie said "Graaaagh!" (0 seconds ago)
  • A zombie gestured at itself. (8 seconds ago)
  • A zombie said "AggAz az harh!!! Bah bah harmanz!!!!!!!!!" (6 seconds ago)
  • A zombie destroyed the radio transmitter. (14 seconds ago)

You say "Nahz grab, Agghaz - zghambag harman... Nah, MAHR BRArNZ!!!"

  • A zombie killed Mark Fredrick. (26 seconds ago)
  • A zombie killed Yuri Alexandrovich. (28 seconds ago)
  • A zombie destroyed the generator. (10 seconds ago)
  • A zombie said "Graagh." (5 minutes ago)

You gesture at SerPiggy. You say "Grab, zambah. Braaa!nnnzzzz..."

  • tommy monahan said "Choke on em you pussy zombies CHOKE ON 'EM!!!!!!!!" (22 seconds ago)
  • A zombie killed SerPiggy. (22 seconds ago)
  • A zombie killed Talian. (1 minute ago)
  • A zombie dragged Clint Harbringer out into the street. (2 seconds ago)

You smash bottles onto the floor, and tear at the bar fittings.

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