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Barhah Brigade are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 21:46, 9 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Barhah Brigade
Abbreviation: BB
Group Numbers: shrouded in mystery
Leadership: Jorm
Goals: Inspiring terror, cleansing human-infested areas, long walks on the moonlit beach, True Barhah
Recruitment Policy: See below.
Contact: We'll contact you.

The Barhah Brigade is a militant, highly co-ordinated, aggressive zombie group, and part of the Militant Order of Barhah. They are self-described "Barhah Fundamentalists" whose mission is to "bring anti-life" to all breathing beings. Although small in number, the close-knit team is effective through its tactics and secrecy.


The Barhah Brigade was originally formed to be the "black operations" arm of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. The events first seige of Caiger Mall led the RRF elders to resort to adaptive tactics, and the formation of the Barhah Brigade was a direct result of this.

For many months, the Brigade served the RRF as its premier black operations team. Their missions had varied objectives: barricade-breaking, recon, targeted assassination, and good old-fashioned butchery. The Brigade sometimes employed experimental tactics, creativity, misinformation, and outright deception to accomplish its goals.

During a period of turmoil lasting several months the Brigadiers dropped from the public (and private) eye. However, in early December of 2006 they resurfaced - this time no longer claiming affiliation with the RRF.

It has been revealed that apparently during this self-imposed isolation, the members of the team had achieved a greater and deeper understanding of the ideals of "barhah". However, it has been found that their interpretations of barhah are in conflict with the modern philosophies espoused by the Ridleybank Resistance Front. As a result, they disengaged from the RRF and formed the core of the Militant Order of Barhah.

Philosophy and Goals

The Barhah Brigade espouses and heels to the idea of Barhah Fundamentalism. They believe that life of any kind is "anti-barhah". Further, they believe that the tools and trappings of the living (such as revive needles) are "anti-barhah" as well. This philosophy extends to their perspectives on "zombie" techniques such as death cultism.

The Barhah Fundamentalist viewpoint is that there is absolutely no circumstance under which a zombie should be brought back to life. Further, those zombies who regularly engage in "crossing over" - or worse, actively seek out life - are heretics and no better than the harmans who they claim to fight.

Barhah fundamentalists believe that there is "barhah" and "anti-barhah" and all things can be classified as one or the other. Barhah is to be embraced, and anti-barhah is to be extinguished.

The rot is barhah. The needle is anti-barhah.

The Barhah cares not for the ends, but for the means. One cannot be one with the Barhah if one strolls through barricades bearing weapons of steel and powder.

True Barhah is the joy of the rot and of warm drippings of brains. Barhah is not found in the barrel of a gun, nor the blade of an axe, but by tilling the earth of harmanity with your own claws and teeth, planting the seeds of their future Barhah.


The Brigade is not accepting new members nor is actively recruiting. However, lost lambs of the Brigade are urged to resurface so they may be brought into the light of the True Barhah.

Potential applicants are urged to join the Militant Order of Barhah.

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