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The Barhahville Constabulary is a strike team of the Ridleybank Resistance Front Department of Homeland Security. It patrols Barhahville and enforces zombie law in Greater Ridleybank and beyond.


The Constables are a tight knit group of zombies who believe that harmanz should respect the laws effective in Greater Ridleybank.

In particular, the Constabulary is disappointed to find many harmanz flagrantly disobeying Order 1.1 by Being Present in a Building with Barricades and Building of Barricades. As good Ridleybank citizens, they are only too pleased to extract the required fines of one brain each.

The Constables performs regular patrols to determine non-compliance. As a strike team, they organize sting operations to maximize efficiency and send a clear message to the community: No unsightly barricades. No revivification drug menace. No pants.

Strike times are half an hour after server reset.


Formed out of the Ridleybank Resistance Front Department of Homeland Security in March 2006 to organise the defence of Barhahville proper in the face of resistance to the RRF's rule shortly after the annexation of the suburb. Over the course of the RRF's EXCURSION, from March to May 2006, the Constabulary functioned as a pure strike team. It attained a degree of infamy by holding dance-parties in newly cleared resource buildings, such as the 18 May incursion into Cornelius General Hospital in Spracklingbank.

Command structure

Chief Constable:

Funk McBogey • Funk McBogey on

Senior Constables:

Mr Eyeball Plucker
Hump the Messiah


Babbah Zambah
Bitey McBraineater
grrr arggh
Jeremy Heath
Komachi Onozuka


The Constabulary recruits from within the ranks of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. RRF members interested in becoming a Constable should contact Funk McBogey, Irishmen or another Constable on

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