Barnerd Stragglers

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Bernard Stragglers
Abbreviation: BnS
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Apclear5(Missing, presumed ZIA)
Goals: Operate inside Kempsterbank and ensure Barnerd PD is safe.
Recruitment Policy: Unknown
Contact: Unknown
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.92 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: (54,76)…

We are the Bernard Stragglers.
The most ragtag bunch of fucks in Kempsterbank.
However, we stay vigilant.

The Stragglers

The Stragglers are a highly secretive group. The only know facts about them are:

  • They reside in Kempsterbank.
  • They are extremely secretive to outsiders.
  • Members give no mention to their being in the group. Only when asked, they reply "I am a Straggler."
  • Their Headquarters is located inside Barnerd Police Department.
  • When the original leader rested inside Barnerd Police Department, he mistakenly thought it to be Bernard Police Department; hence the name Bernard.


    In the cold beginnings of the outbreak, around september, a man woke from a coma in the St. Benedict's Hospital. He wandered around, and found the brunt of the outbreak from his hospital window. He was in the middle of Pitneybank.

    For a year, he held there. He held ground against the second big bash, until he could no longer.The second big bash ruined everything in Pitney.

    Seeing his once beloved hospital, where he had held his ground firmly for years, fall, was heartbreaking. He eventually moved to kempsterbank, away from the ravenous hordes for the most part. Safe.

    There he united the Bernard Stragglers.

    The original stragglers were a ragtag bunch, even more than they are now. They were the men whom the leader had stayed with in St. Benedict's. No one knew what happened to the original Stragglers.

    Remnants of the original Stragglers stay were found in Kempsterbank around early 2009. A small group of approximately 15 survivors made an unofficial group, basing themselves off the original Stragglers. They called themselves the Kempsterbank Stragglers, most of them left behind by previous groups.

    By the middle of 2009 the group had over 30 members. However, a troublemaker of the group, Raglfragl, called for a different infrastructure in the group, contrary to the current mish mash of members doing whatever they wanted.

    The leader killed Raglfragl on the outskirts of kempsterbank with an axe.

    At news of Raglfragls death, several of the members revolted and battled with those loyal to the leader. After the battles and firefights, only 14 members were left.

    By late 2009, two thirds of the group had deserted or had gone missing and presumed ZIA. The even smaller group of survivors today is all that is left.


    Only few know of the recruiting rules factored in a possible trainee to the Stragglers. It is widely thought to be a barrage of tests given to said trainee to assess his/her knowledge in survival.


    Almost all of these are essential to survival. However, some are optional items. Leaders may choose their own equipment.

    Required Items:

  • Pistol and/or Shotgun
  • 20 rounds for either weapon
  • Melee Weapon(Preferably the fire axe)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Radio
    Optional Items:
  • 30 Extra Rounds
  • Phone
  • Binoculars
  • Flare Gun
  • Personal tools