Barnerd Way Police Department

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Barnerd Way Police Department

Kempsterbank 54,76

Club Blackburn Penni Drive Fire Station a warehouse
wasteland Barnerd Way Police Department Boggis Avenue
wasteland a carpark Pipe Plaza

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Barnerd Way Police Department
VSB, unlit
Evanna (talk) 04:54, 4 December 2017 (UTC)


Malton Police Department

Barnerd Way Police Department, a derelict grey-stone building surrounded by burnt-out cars, is located at coordinates [54, 76], in the suburb of Kempsterbank.


The Barnerd Way Police Department is operational and is now housing the staff of Barnerd Way Police Dept.

Barricade Policy

The barricades are maintained at Very Strongly Barricaded, especially during times of emergency. In case of the occasional overbarricading survivors should seek shelter in Penni Drive Fire Station to the north.

Current Status

STATUS REPORT Jan 23 2015 : ♠ Kyle Matrix ♠ (talk) 17:00, 23 January 2015 (UTC) The Barnerd Way Police Dept has been breached and ruined. All members of the Police Dept are MIA. Area is currently overrun with undead.

STATUS REPORT Sep 02 2013 : --Lucy Emrissah 21:00, 02 Sep 2013 (GMT) The Barnerd Way Police Department has had a recent Infected breach, but has been reclaimed. Currently under little threat from the infected.

STATUS REPORT Jul 26 2013 : --Lucy Emrissah 18:00, 26 Jul 2013 (GMT) The Barnerd Way Police Department has had regular, but controllable raids. A staff member has now been reporting undead positions in Kempsterbank across the general frequency of 27.55 MHz.

STATUS REPORT Jun 30 2013 : --Lucy Emrissah 20:15, 30 Jun 2013 (GMT) After the Big Bash, Barnerd Way Police Department is back to operational status. It has also been decided that updates will only happen after an notable event has occurred. Because I suck at updates.

STATUS REPORT Apr 21 2013 : --Lucy Emrissah 22:12, 21 Apr 2013 (GMT) Monthly reports have had a bad start. Multiple break-ins, but building has been reclaimed. Currently secured at VSB for newer players. PKers have been active, but are starting to quieten down. Doughnuts, coffee, tea and crumpets are available for officers of Barnerd Way Police Department.

STATUS REPORT Feb 08 2013 : --Lucy Emrissah 00:30, 08 Feb 2013 (GMT) Monthly reports will be added on the 8th. The Officers of Barnerd_Way_Police_Dept. currently hold the station, with numerous other survivors. During the attacks around Kempsterbank, Barnerd way has been assaulted regularly, but has held.

STATUS REPORT Oct 26 2012 : --Lucy Emrissah 13:17, 26 Oct 2012 (GMT) The Barnerd Way Police Department has opened it's doors to the public. The staff of this department have re-opened recruitment and are operating in the area to ensure as best it can, the safety of the citizens of Kempsterbank.

STATUS REPORT Mar 30 2009 : --Roddy Winters 03:14, 31 March 2009 (BST) All survivors seeking shelter in Barnerd Way are asked to PLEASE keep the cades at VSB. This PD is constantly over barricaded. VSB allows newer players and passers through an easy place to re-arm and find safer shelter. If you want to rest in a EHB Police Station, please go a few blocks east to Burdette Way PD next to The Whitenoll Bldg. Thank you.

STATUS REPORT Feb 4 2009 : --M. Kensington 01:14, 5 February 2009 (UTC)Monty Kensington : Striny1 has destroyed the generator at the PD, Radio also down it seems. Barricades still up.

STATUS REPORT Jan 25 2009 : Monty Kensington : Trodding all the way from Wray heights in search of a police station that isn't barricaded to a point where I can't enter, I was severely disappointed and distressed at the sight of the extreme, almost excessive, fortifications the authorities inside decided to erect; quite contrary to the gossip and rumors I gathered from the inhabitants of Wray Heights that it was only strongly fortified. Good thing I planned in advanced in anticipation of this situation...

STATUS REPORT Nov 17, 2008 : Chuck Knox : Zombies are keeping up the pressure. Haven't been able to clear them out for a day or so. Detulux Inc. is trying to maintain the area.

SIT REP REPORT Oct 6, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : It was business as usually today, generator was low on fuel, went to grab two fuel cans from our warehouse next to the firehouse building. We learned long time ago never store fuel in your home base. I have a dozen FAKS ready to go, another mistake I learned the hard way. We are looking for more survivors since the last Z attack on us, but everyday .. fewer and fewer people are turning up alive. Only about a dozen of us left now…

SIT REP REPORT Oct 1, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : Oct 1… I hated this day, another day to remind me that I am still alive and others are dead. I saw a toy store on my outings, stop for a moment to see what was so magical about this place in my youth that had captivated me so much. Every Oct 1.. I would cry and moan and drag my parents over here. .. to beg, plea and promise anything for the latest must have item… what I would do now for a worry free and safe sleep… heck maybe a hot shower and some soap. Its been 2 days or so, I haven’t been able to get back into my police department. Been dodging in and out of the streets.. need to find a safe haven soon.

SIT REP REPORT Sept 28, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : I can’t remember much of what has happened in the past few days … or weeks. I don’t know what I have done and I don’t want to remember is possible. All I know is a sharp pain in my neck … pain something I haven’t felt in a while and a warmth of pain traveling threw out my whole body .. like a thousand needles poking me from neck and down. So much pain.. so much happiness. I woke up in a few hours to see GameRate standing over me.. watching over me. All he said to me.. was “you okay body” and I nodded and he walked way. I got my gear which surprising was still with me. My backpack had survived with me, guns check, shotgun check.. FAK oh no .. I still had a fever and a pounding head pains. I needed to get rid of this infection the residue of the virus. I headed to Barnerd Way Police Department. Which I was surprise to see, was stills standing in good condition. I tried the door but was heavy barricaded. I called out to see if anyone was in the police department but got nothing. No response of any kind, doesn’t look like it has power. Still needing a FAK I headed to the only place I can think of, Julie General Hospital. The Hospital is up with a portable generator and has a power radio transmitter set to 27.55Mhz. There is about two dozen personnel taking shelter here. Lots seem sick, high fevers, severs … people in pain. Looks like there is a lot work here for me to do.

SIT REP REPORT Sept 19, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : My thoughts.. its coming and going.. sometimes I just stand and stare for hours.. nothing.. then I awake up and I am in a different street or building.. with more blood on my hands.. I need to find those that can help me… when I am in control I have traveled to the dobbs building .. it’s the same nothing but dead bodies and more of us .. every where nothing but the dead and the rising

SIT REP REPORT Sept 17, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : I am … dead .. it’s a odd feeling .. I can think but my process is slow.. my sights my movements.. they are cloudy at best. All around me are the dead of Barnerd Way Police department. They .. we are slowing rising from the dead.. animated like cartoons. I have a large gash on my left arms, I can’t feel any pains.. but I can think.. I hunger for the first time.. I hunger … Ebbutt Road.. I need to get there .. fast before I lose it all to this hunger ..

SIT REP REPORT Sept 17, 2008 : CPL EARL DOUGLAS : There was at least twenty zeds that had flooded into the station early this morning here. I did my best to hold them off, but was forced to abandon Barnerd Way for a safer haven to restock. God help the people still trapped in there...

SIT REP REPORT Sept 17, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : We are under attack, they broke through our defense they are inside the police station, I can count 6 of them, I am out of ammo.

SIT REP REPORT Sept 17, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : Without power and no words from our scouts who went to look for generator parts. I had to make a run for the Julie General Hospital to look for FAKs. As soon as I was in Boggis Avenue I was surrounded by zeds.. I empty three clips and hurt one .. I need to find new glasses soon. I had to run back to the Police Department. I saw one person near the jillard building chased by two zeds.. poor soul I hope he made it. We are surrounded now… two zeds are trying to break into out barricade.

SIT REP REPORT Sept 16, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : The damage our generator sustained during the fight last night is not repairable. We send out scouts looking for a new air filter and starter motor. We are also low on fuel, so even if we get it working, it’s not going to be for much longer. As I count we have 60 survivors.. to many people for this small station.

we currently have wounded/infected people, please send FAK ASAP...

SIT REP REPORT Sept 15, 2008 : SRGT LEE,RIC of Barnerd Way Police Department : Things are just a mess here, we have survivors from all over the place, we got the generator running and the barricades up .. but our supplies are running low. We just have too many people to take care of. Not sure how long we can last here. We are doing our best to run supplies from the Julie General Hospital and Burdett Way Police Department, but they are not better off either. We were attacked last night .. zombies made it through our barricades.. but we got them all. Please .. we need more FAK ASAP..


Once the home of the presumed defunct HKGDF, this PD is sometimes a target for wandering ferals and organized invading zombies alike.

Sept 17, 2008 Z attack / everyone is dead ...

ablesentinel utilizes the building as a meeting room for officers of the MPD to coordinate activities within Kempsterbank when applicable.-Ablesentinel 22:14, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

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