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Barnerd Way Police Department
Abbreviation: BWPD
Group Numbers: 20+ Officers
Leadership: Lieutenant Lucy Emrissah
Goals: To serve and protect Kempsterbank and it's citizens
Recruitment Policy: Open Recruiting - Inquire at the Department (54,76)
Contact: Drop by the Department or use 27.55Mhz

Barnerd Way Police Department

Located in Kempsterbank, The Barnerd Way Police Department (BWPD) is a survivor group focused on the protection and support of the survivors of Kempsterbank. Against all odds, these dedicated men and women try to bring law and order to this post-apocalyptic city.

Communication is key

And because of this, we have set up a forum, which is located here. We encourage members of the Barnerd Way Police Department to sign up with your username for Urban Dead, so we can keep track of who is who.

Please note, that at this current stage, we will not be allowing non members to sign up just yet.

Status Updates

As of February 2013, The Barnerd Way Police Department will be updating it's Status monthly - allowing citizens and allies to better know the status of this building.

The update can be found at: Barnerd Way Police Department#Current Status

Local updates, orders or otherwise, shall also be sent across the frequency 27.22 MHz. All members of the Department are encouraged to take a radio tuned to this frequency.


The Barnerd Way Police Department are always looking for anyone willing to protect the citizens of Kempsterbank. As such, there aren't many restrictions on who can apply to be an officer of the Barnerd Way Police Department.

We accept almost any survivor of any profession, be they a civilian, scientist or soldier. Whether you are a grizzled veteran of Malton and it's unfortunate situation, or if you still feel very new to it all, once you are willing to do your part and protect the citizens of Kempsterbank then we will most gladly welcome you.

Player Killers, Generator Killers, or members of a dedicated zombie group will not be accepted into the department. However, those who have given up these activities will be able to join. Our only condition in this case is that a member of the Barnerd Way Police Department must be willing to sponsor and take responsibility for the potential recruit.

Lastly, we are in Kempsterbank, a suburb of Malton that is also protected by the Knights Templar. If the situation requires it, the Barnerd Way PD will gladly aid and assist the Knights Templar. This means that enemies of that group, or those who do not feel they can work with them properly, should reconsider their application.

NOTE: When accepted into the Police Department as an officer, you will be first assigned to the Patrol and Reconstruction Squad. This is by no means permanent, and you will be able to request a transfer if you so wish.

The Law

The city of Malton has become mostly lawless. With people banding together and forging their own communities, it seemed only reasonable that the Barnerd Way Police Department try to enforce some sort of law. Though much simpler than the law of the civilisation that is now lost, it is their hope that it will serve the citizens of Kempsterbank well.

Murder is still illegal. Acting in self defence, or killing a known serial killer however, is not.

Assault is still illegal. Apologising and making amends increases the chance of a pardon.

Robbery is still illegal. [However, due to the nature of the game, that doesn't matter.]

Destruction of property is still illegal. This includes the items under the 'sabotage crime list.


Disciplinary: Only people of the Sergeant rank or greater may issue disciplinary action. The punishment in question is to be decided then. Under no circumstances, unless otherwise authorised by the current Lieutenant, is a summary execution allowed as punishment.

Murder: The BWPD staff are not allowed to murder the civilians they protect. They are allowed to kill known pkers or someone they have been authorised to kill (i.e criminals).

Use of radio: Anyone able to use the radio is allowed to use the radio. However, they should keep their language clean and not use the radio to taunt, spew profanity or spam the frequency with useless transmissions.

Respect: Treat the civilians as friends, we are all in this together and do not need any more confrontations.

Staff & Duties

As with most groups in this post-apocalyptic city, Barnerd Way Police Department has its own roles within the Department. The current sections, and the officers participating in each are listed and described below.

Commander of the Barnerd Way PD: - The rank of Lieutenant has recently been re-introduced as the Barnerd Way Police Department continues to flourish. At the top of the hierarchy, their authority is paramount and when they speak, others should listen. Such an officer should not lead through fear, but rather respect. As it stands, there will only be one Lieutenant at any given time, for their authority is something that should not be commonplace. Their experience will ensure that they know the situation that has fallen upon them, and that they are ready to act when necessary.

The current commander of the BWPD is Lieutenant Lucy Emrissah.

Sergeants: - These are the people who co-ordinate and organise the department's activities on a day to day basis - be it maintaining barricade policies, or identifying and resolving an issue or threat. These officers must be level-headed and reliable, and should be respected and obeyed. Due to their increased authority and responsibility, there will only be a limited number of sergeants at any given time.

The current sergeants of the BWPD are:

Xhani - MIA

Carson Shearston

Owen Heary


Medical Care Unit - These officers deal with those survivors fortunate enough to have had a run in with a zombie (or hostile survivor) and lived. They may have to deal with multiple and sometimes very different injuries, like bullet wounds, minor lacerations or burns. Focusing mainly on keeping fellow officers and the public in good health rather than the containment of the undead horde.

Current Medical Staff Members are:


Donnel Udina - MIA

Emergency Resurrection Response Unit - These officers are those that deal with the recently deceased casualties - those that do not stay deceased. It is the Revival Officers responsibility to ensure those who are revived are citizens, allies or officers of the law, and not potential threats. These officers maintain the main revival points of Kempsterbank, located in Ebbutt Road (57,76), or the wasteland to the west of the Police Department.

Current E.R.R.U Officers are:


John01 - MIA

Patrol and Reconstruction Squad - These officers are the backbone of the police force, tasked with keeping Kempsterbank and its citizens safe. Their duty is to protect citizens at all costs, by destroying the undead and reclaiming key buildings. They may also be tasked with tackling player & generator killers, or updating the Department of their position.

Current P.R.S. Officers are:


David Ackerson - MIA

General Shepard

Stuff and Thangs

Fudge Hard - MIA

waferelite - MIA

Stealth Owl - MIA

Lucky Strike Mike - MIA

Shadoch - MIA

Ninjahzzzz - MIA

Vincimus Maximus - MIA

FordTheBard - MIA

Joel Johnson - MIA

Xhani - MIA

Owen Heary - MIA

Fargin - MIA

Reconnaissance and Intelligence - These officers identify any new or potential problems in Kempsterbank. Whether it is a building broken into by the undead, or reporting a new player/generator killer, it will be the R&I Officers job to spread the news and keep other officers updated with such news. This is through any medium available, such as travelling to other buildings, or broadcasting updates on the radio transmitter.

Current R.I. Agents are:


Yorkh - MIA

Recruitment and Development Center - These officers are the mentors of the group, in charge of recruiting new members and making sure they settle in to their new career. They should be the first point of contact for the newer recruits in need of advice or direction. As this role is crucial to the long-term growth of the department, any and all assistance possible should be provided to them on request.

Current Recruitment Officers are:

Carson Shearston

Please note that although some of these roles are dedicated, adaptability and diversity are key to survival. Therefore it will not be frowned upon if a patrol officer gives medical treatment to a citizen, or revives a member of the undead. Nor will it be discouraged that a medical officer reports on a player killers status, or helps secure a fallen building. Though they should be specialised in their given role, officers are encouraged to be proficient at any other role(s) they wish.


The city of Malton is a dangerous place, and it is not unknown for people of all groups to become missing in action. Note that Communication is Key: Those officers declared MIA are encouraged to check in at the PD as soon as possible.

Crime Report

The Barnerd Way Police Department contain their own record of crime that has been reported. As of [TBA] the Police Department will now be taking note of those who have been reported of committing crimes and/or are part of a Player Killer group.

Barnerd Way Police Dept/crime

Barricade Policy

Though subject to change when the situation requires, there is a general policy about barricade levels in the Barnerd Way Police Department. As follows:

Less than three standing zombies outside - VSB

Three or more standing zombies, or more than five bodies - EHB

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